Epicsubmit and pronouns namely “us”, “we” and “our” are being referred to the website www.epicsubmit.com in our privacy policy, because it is the only entity that is and would be processing your data. Moreover, our platform and website mean the same entity.
Regarding Policy

We already appreciate that you trust us with your data by visiting our website. You can count on us based on our professionalism when it comes to our services because we do not share/use/provide any sort of information relevant to you until and unless we have permission from your side to do so.

Storage or place of keeping your data is our own server. We don’t have any partners for this purpose. We don’t claim any rights on any website and they hold the accountability for linked websites’ privacy policy. From cookies to your submitted data, everything is safe with us on our server. We don’t share/provide your personal data in any form without significant requirements to deliver seamless services to our customers/users/ enlisted businesses or professionals. Moreover, your reviews and information about the business are only published to customers, general users, and businesses but other than that nothing would be shared by anybody associated or affiliated with our website in any form.

Why do we use your Collected Data?

We are a law-abiding entity and strictly avoid using any kind of personal data against the laws, ethical practices, and moral values. No critical information like banking card details/ real-time geo-locations are being asked or stored unless one opts for premium services and allows us to do so. Furthermore,

The review submitted by any user about enlisted products/services/professionals/businesses on our platform is considered a genuine way to reach and expand the services. Hence we publish it in various spaces on our website.

We act as a digital directory and exchange the user’s basic details, filled in at the time of signing up at our platform, and the business/professional contact details with each other.
To improve our service for a seamless experience for the user and to expand our reach to achieve business growth, we analyze user data/information using cookies.
What kind of data do we collect?

The only info that is necessary to run our services smoothly for the best experience, is collected. Apart from this, we have a pre-defined detail submission format for the thoroughly mentioned purposes. If you utilize our service we assume you are well aware of what you are searching for.
The instant you review any business or professional on our website, we collect it to broaden the customer base and presence of enlisted professionals/businesses/services.

Data Collection From Business/ Professional

Basic pieces of information one requires for choice making/ decision making in selecting services from your business/profession. Following are the details we ask for:

  • Listing Title
  • Category And Services
  • Description
  • Full Address
  • Phone Details
  • Website Address
  • Price Details
  • Social Media Account

Data Collection From Customers/ Users

Only personally identifiable data is collected during your web page navigation and details submission exercise. Following are the details we ask for:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Details

How Long We Store Your Data?

Firstly, we are committed to being the best in all practices and implement this attitude in our privacy policy as well. So to counter scams, prevent fraud, and for record maintenance, your data is being kept at our place under monitoring.
Secondly, As long as you utilize our service we keep your data with us. And lastly, until you delete it yourself.

Your Right To Delete.

Since we have your information, we hold the responsibility to secure it. We respect your rights so in case you want us to remove your provided information you can simply delete your sign-in/ login account. We will stop notifying and updating you about our services. You can count on us when it comes to our services.

Cookies From Our Website

‘Cookies’ is a device that provides us about your choices, preferences, and demands based on your search activities over our website. These are used for general information, better and faster connections in the future, improved experience, and also help us to improve the design and applicability of our website. Cookies are stored in the form of blocks on your(user) hard drive. We use cookies to improve our services. But still, if you find anything suspicious just reject/ delete/ customize cookies according to your browser settings.

Contact Us

If you are not satisfied with the information provided or have any grievances. Feel free to resolve your doubts by connecting with us.