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Experience the only comprehensive Digital Risk Protection offering that combines visibility, AI-driven analysis, and remediation to find and disrupt threats.

Cybersecurity shouldn’t be a fire drill. With ZeroFOX, gain proactive protection, intelligence and disruption to identify and thwart external threats to your enterprise, executives and data across the public attack surface.

Protection and Intelligence Powered by AI

Digital transformation has created a new public attack surface that is vast and evolving. Security teams lack the visibility and control necessary to secure their assets, people and customers across the surface, deep and dark web against phishing, impersonations and data leakage. ZeroFOX provides AI-powered protection, machine and human intelligence and full-scale adversary disruption to thwart today’s digital attacks and predict an attacker’s next move.

The Information Security Challenge and securing a Digital-First World

Security teams have spent years building firewalls and infrastructure to protect critical assets. The rapid digital transformation and shift to remote work has created a new category of external threats that firewalls cannot protect against. Security teams need visibility and control over this new public attack surface to identify digital threats, from phishing, impersonations, account takeover and data leakage, that occur out on the surface, deep and dark web.

Thwart Attackers With Actionable Threat Intelligence and Automated Remediation

ZeroFOX offers the intelligence, analysis and remediation InfoSec teams need to address a new era of threats. The advanced AI-powered ZeroFOX Platform identifies text, image and video-based threats across the public attack surface. Automated remediation ensures threats are addressed quickly, from spoofed domains to fake accounts. The ZeroFOX Alpha Team develops curated, finished intelligence to keep you aware and help prioritize threats and vulnerabilities. Our fully managed service ensures you are not inundated with indicators and your internal teams are able to focus elsewhere, knowing you’re protected.