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White Knight Pest Control is a professional Pest Control offering services for TX, OK, AZ, CO, NV & UT. With a team of professionals harboring more than 15 years of experience in solving residential pest control problems, we aim to keep your family and dream house safe from any kind of pet.  

We understand that not all houses require the same pest control techniques, hence instead of one single plan, we are offering 3 different plans with each one of them packed with professionals. We offer a monthly plan for aggressive pest control, a bi-monthly plan with average pest control and frequent visits, and a quarterly plan for just basic maintenance and protection.  

During the first visit, our team will explain to you the entire process that will help you understand how we will be treating the pests in your house. Once the treatment is done, the maintenance services start within 30 days. During this period we will be checking the effectiveness of the treatment. Services offered by White Knight Pest Control:

Bed Bug Control:

Our bed bug control offers treatment in three phases: Inspection, treatment, and follow-up. In the inspection phase, we look for all the possible locations of bugs and signs of reproduction such as bed bug eggshells, and casings. A few days prior to the treatment, we will be giving you a checklist to control the production in the meantime. You would have to leave your house during the time of treatment. For the treatment, our team of professionals will be using specialized equipment to eliminate bed bugs. 

Home Pest Control:

To protect your home from pests and other insects, we provide pest control in three phases and three plans. Each plan is devised based on your needs. It is entirely possible that the pest activity increases in the initial phase due to unsettlement among them.

Commercial Pest Control:

Having pests linger in your office can have a negative impact on your business such as damage to reputation, loss of customers, damaged equipment, cost repairs, and negative reviews. To prevent the hazards of all these issues, White Knight Pest Control is now providing pest control in commercial areas too.

Termite Contol:

Termites are tiny creatures that have the capacity to eliminate the entire house structure if not controlled in time. Here at White Knight Pest Control, we believe in finding and eliminating the root cause of Termites with our experts in termite behavior, elimination, and control. 


Q How does White Knight Pest Control eliminate bed bugs?

White Knight Pest Control uses effective treatment measures to eliminate bed bugs. Our techniques are a combination of liquids, dusts, and aerosols mixed with organically made pesticides.

Q Does White Knight Pest Control offer a service schedule in Commercial Areas?

Yes, White Knight Pest Control offers service schedules in commercial areas. We completely understand the need to keep running the business. Hence, when we program commercial projects, we offer a special schedule to minimize the disruption in working hours.

Q What industries do White Knight Pest Control services?

Our area of service expands to Schools, Apartment Buildings, Warehouses, Churches, Camps, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Storage Facilities, and Condos.

Q How much does White Knight’s Residential Pest Control cost?

The cost depends on the plan that you have acquired as well as the size of your house. You can also opt for the plan once you have a chat with our professionals.