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Mortgage Lending
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We offer a wide range of products at competitive rates, low down payment options and tailored customer service to find the mortgage loan to fit your needs. You can select a local loan officer of your preference or we can select one for you. Apply online today!

Diverse mortgage solutions to navigate the home-buying process.

Owning a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make. As you begin, it’s important to research not only what home is best for you, but what mortgage loan best fits your financial needs and goals. Our mortgage options are designed to support homebuyers in all stages of life. Whether you’re moving, buying your first house, building or renovating, or refinancing an existing mortgage, WesBanco can help you find the ideal home loan for your situation. Learn more about types of home loans below.


Fixed-Rate Mortgage
Knowing your monthly payments offers peace of mind.

A fixed-rate mortgage features predictable and steady monthly payments with flexible loan terms. WesBanco fixed-rate mortgages offer a consistent interest rate and consistent payments for the term of your loan.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage
The potential for lower payments offers savings opportunities.

Adjustable-rate mortgages are a type of mortgage home loan with an interest rate that is guaranteed for a predetermined period of time, and when that term ends, the rate adjusts based on market conditions. It can be higher or lower than the initial rate and can change periodically after the initial fixed-rate period. With adjustable-rate mortgages, it is important while taking advantage of the benefits, to consider your ability to manage the loan payments should rates adjust to their cap.

Qualifying for a Jumbo Mortgage

Jumbo loan approval is based on the same basic formula as any other mortgage. Eligibility depends mainly on income, cash reserves, credit score, debt, employment status, property type and property use.

Consider applying for a Jumbo Mortgage from WesBanco

Curious if you qualify. For more information on jumbo mortgages, please connect with a WesBanco Mortgage Loan Officer. Our lenders can help you every step of the way—from application to closing.

Mortgage Refinancing
Discover new possibilities with home refinance rates and terms from WesBanco.

Refinancing your home loan may help you restructure your debt and achieve your financial goals. Before you begin, it’s important to consider why you want to refinance your mortgage. Refinancing your home—for the right reason, with a good rate and a suitable term—can enhance your financial position.

Mortgage Options
WesBanco offers unique mortgage options for homebuyers in all circumstances.

WesBanco Mortgage Solutions offers more than our conventional mortgage loan options, with specialty financing and government lending programs such as VA and FHA loans. Our specialty loans are designed and tailored to fit the unique needs of our customers. Our experienced Mortgage Loan Officers will help you select the loan option that best suits your needs and expectations.

Physician Mortgage Loan
Establish a home in your community with WesBanco mortgages for medical professionals.

We take care of doctors! Our exclusive in-house physician’s mortgage loan program is designed specifically for medical residents/fellowships and physicians. You’ve worked hard to become a doctor, let WesBanco help take care of your home financing.