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Ulele (pronounced You-lay-lee) is a vibrant combination of ingredients from Florida seas and land that was once home to many Native People, including the young princess Ulele. On the 10′ diameter barbacoa grill, expect finely spiced, visually stunning food. On the Riverwalk in Tampa. In keeping with the traditions of my family, Ulele is a restaurant and pub with a native-inspired menu that frequently uses fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and other foods from Florida. We utilize food farmed and raised in the United States for the rest, ideally from family-owned and independent businesses. Our organic food contains no hormones or antibiotics and is not genetically engineered. We sell wines from family-owned vineyards in the United States, as well as many private-label selections from family winemakers in Spain (a tribute to early Spanish explorers who landed in Tampa’s seas).


Q Does Ulele accept reservations?

Yes, Ulele offers reservation services Call 813.999.4952. If you get a recording, please leave the information requested. You also can reserve by clicking on the Reservations tab.

Q what is the dress code of Ulele?

There is no particular dress code at the Ulele restaurant. You can wear any casual clothes of your choice.