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Trapline Pest Solutions is a professional pest control company that provides services in Orlando, Florida. Our experts in pest control look over your general household to find any bugs (insects) and their hiding places. We also figure out the problem and create a treatment plan. We use many methods to treat your pest problem, including chemical, physical, and biological methods. Trapline Pest Solutions members can also provide tips on how to stop pests from entering your home. Trapline Pest Solutions has Experienced and certified technicians who can stay away from the bugs. Trapline Pest Solutions system, we are available in emergencies 24/7 with a free inspection. 

Bed bug control

Generally, bed bugs are very small in size. This type of insect feeds on human blood. Bed bugs can live in bedding, furniture, and other places where people sleep. This bug can be very harmful to your body. If you think you may have bed bugs, contact Trapline Pest Solutions, which can help you get rid of bugs.

Dead animal removal

When an animal dies, it undergoes a decomposition process over several days. During this time, you may notice a strong and penetrating smell along with the presence of worms and flies in an area of your home or office. We can help you find and get rid of the dead animal. Just call our office to set up an appointment. We provide dead animal removal and transportation services in Orlando, Florida.

Termite Control

Termites are those insects that eat the wood of your house. Termites can damage wooden-made things, which can be the most costly. So if you think termites are in your home, Trapline Pest Solutions can help you to get rid of termites and protect your home or business from termite damage.

Flea and tick Treatment

Fleas and ticks often start as flea infestations from pet dogs or cats. Fleas and ticks attach to your pets while they’re out for a walk. A flea infestation can cause irritation and disease transmission. If  Flea infestations in pets or Ticks in your home Call Trapline today for flea and tick treatment to remove flea infestations from your home and yard and prevent future infestations.


Q What are the benefits of using Trapline Pest Solutions?

Trapline Pest Solutions offers many benefits, like a 24/7 emergency service. You get certified and professional experience technicians, free inspections and estimates, and satisfaction guarantees.

Q What types of pest control products does Trapline Pest Solution use?

Trapline Pest Solutions uses many pest control products, including both chemical and non-chemical products. They will choose the best product for your specific pest problem and they will take steps to protect your family and pets during any treatment.

Q Is pest control safe?

Yes! Pest control is safe when it's done by professional and experienced technicians. Trapline Pest Solutions technicians are trained to use pest control products safely and effectively.

Q How much does pest control cost?

Pest control costs may vary depending on the pest control problem and what type of pest problem you face. Trapline Pest Solutions gives you an offer of free inspection and estimate. So you can get an idea of the cost before you get any service.

Q What is the easiest way to get rid of rats?

In Trapliine pest solution provides you the easiest way to get rid of rats from your home. Our trained technicians identify the exact points of entry of the insects and provide you best service.

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They not only have excellent customer service, also they are quick to respond to urgent needs, and can handle your pest problem without any worries.

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