The Spice Route


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This sumptuous high-quality-eating established order, with murals and antiques that mirror the roots of the ancient spice path, serves meals from the Malabar Coast in Kerala, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indonesia to mirror the adventure of spices.

This luxurious first-class-eating establishment positioned on the Imperial, Janpath Road, New Delhi is a banquet for the eyes, with work of art and antiques that replicate the roots of the historical spice course as an awful lot as the meals. The eating place offers meals from the Malabar Coast in Kerala, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indonesia to reflect the journey of spices. Divided into nine distinctive sections portraying the nine ranges of the journey of life, the Spice course gives you tremendous food using first-rate flavors and substances. Each phase is an artwork in itself showcasing antique pillars, extraordinary decor, hand-painted murals, and wood ceilings from temples and sculptures more telling numerous tales.

The menu includes crispy spring rolls ‘Por Pia Chae’ with ‘Som Tum Thai sauce; Papaya noodle salad (a cold noodle salad with uncooked papaya and peanuts); Kozhi Kodan Bryan (Kerala style chicken biryani); Irachi stew of lamb and potato in coconut milk, served with rice-flour pancakes, with a glass of spiced pineapple rasam with sparkling curry leaves; Khao Klukh Krabi, (stir-fried rice with Thai shrimp paste served with sweetened shrimps); Malaysian yellow rice dish Nasi Kuning cooked in coconut milk, kaffir lime, and lemongrass leaves; Tofu with stir-fried Bok Choy, ‘Tauhu Nim’. Dessert: My dessert became Thub Thim Krob, (sweetened coconut milk with water chestnuts). Cinnamon-flavored ice cream made of soy protein; the Sagu Sagu (Thai rice pudding with cardamom, pandan, cinnamon, and sugar). There is an in-depth wine listing to clean down the meal.

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Edith Robinson 1 Reviews
Highly Recommend!

This is a nice place with a beautiful ambiance. Highly Recommend!

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