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For 33 years, The Legal 500 has been analyzing the competencies of regulation companies internationally, with a comprehensive studies program revised and updated every 12 months to bring the maximum up-to-date vision of the global prison market. The Legal 500 assesses the strengths of law corporations in over one hundred fifty jurisdictions, the effects of which may be viewed free of charge using the “Rankings” tab on the top of the page.

The rankings are based totally on a series of standards, however actually placed, we highlight the practice location groups that are imparting the most cutting aspect and innovative advice to the company suggest. Our studies are based totally on remarks from three hundred,000 customers globally, submissions from regulation corporations, and interviews with leading private exercise lawyers, and a group of researchers who’ve unrivaled revel within the legal market.

The Legal 500 produces a huge ranging collection of sources for in-residence legal professionals along with roundtables, and consumer insight reports, and recognizes and rewards the high-quality in-house lawyers via our GC Powerlist series and The Legal 500 Awards. Please use the tabs on the top of the screen to find out greater.

The Legal 500 is an accredited London Living Wage business enterprise.

When reviewing the performance of a company or branch we use various standards; our focus is on the bench electricity of the team (together with partners and buddies), and the consistency of excellence of the individuals inside the group. Our assessment could be inspired by all the things that make the whole exercise in that area. Areas that might be taken into consideration include.

Very strong technical potential available for the maximum complicated and modern work
Most prestigious customers
Individuals with contacts at, and credibility with, the pinnacle clients
In-depth functionality past famous person companions
Capacity for the biggest transactions/cases
Market share
Historical tune document on top offers/instances
Clear funding for the destiny in a selected exercise region
Progress made with obtaining new clients/ marketplace percentage
Strength in associated regions – eg can an M&A department adopt opposition work to equal popularity?
Reputation for coping with complex, progressive deals
Capacity to handle all client requirements in a place – eg global places of work/connections
Commitment to IT and using IT to enhance purchaser offerings
Perception in the market.

The consumer research undertaken for The Legal 500 has important threads and encompasses both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Each year we write to companies inviting them to provide statistics on their professional regions of exercise, and soliciting unique details of work undertaken within the previous yr (a number of that allows you to be exclusive and now not in the public area). This approach gives us a widespread level and first-class statistics which, in flip, permits us to benchmark felony offerings companies with both extra precision and extra guarantee.

We behavior interviews in character or by using a phone with professional lawyers in every situation vicinity – typically the pinnacle of the branch or nominated companion. We also conduct interviews with chief executives, handling and senior companions of regulation corporations, and exercise managers. This enables us to attain a clear image of the direction the company is taking and its method.

We contact 300,000 customers requesting feedback on the attorneys they teach. Additionally, our team had ordinary contact with trade and enterprise for the duration of the 12 months as a part of our ongoing studies. Although interviewees are often in-residence recommendations, they’re by no means completely so; in many cases, it’s far the chief government or finance director who has the strategic obligation for the buying selection, even wherein it is the in-residence feature that may have greater daily dealings with the actual providers. We interview investment bankers, commercial bankers, and accountants who work regularly with attorneys.

Interviews are based on a fashionable-shape questionnaire. However, supplementary questions and extra extensive-ranging conversations about each precise regulation company and the important thing problems which tell the purchase of criminal services are in reality the norm. This isn’t the least due to the fact interviews are performed by experienced reporters and researchers with a huge intensity of marketplace know-how. All interviews are non-attributable. Over the course of the year, we also obtain numerous unsolicited remarks and suggestions from clients.

As properly as contacting those clients cited us by means of regulation firms for the purposes of verification of their submissions, we benchmark those findings towards a detailed consultant sample of the arena’s main groups. In specific, we ensure that we’ve got contacted a statistically legitimate pattern of main customers whilst ranked either by means of market cap, by business quarter, or by place.

The Legal 500 falls into two distinct parts: the editorial phase and the listing section. The editorial phase is a mixture of genuine facts and commentary. This commentary consists of a general evaluation of which companies do what kinds of paintings, and which corporations are generally reckoned by using their clients and friends to have an ‘exact call’. The editorial is based totally largely on the blended opinions of the many company counsels and regulation firm clients who cooperated in the research in every practice place. Accordingly, it’s miles vital to realize that the editorial lists need to not be taken as a definitive assertion on law corporations, but as a substitute as a starting point for discussion.

All editorial comments and listings are completely unbiased and no firm has been able to relax its inclusion inside the editorial sections through fee.

The directory segment is made up of professional playing cards primarily based on statistics provided by way of the firms and accredited by using them previous to the book.


Q I don’t want to use The Legal 500 Portal – can I email documents direct to you instead?


We take data security very seriously, and we are not prepared to accept confidential or third party information (such as Law Firm Submissions and Client Referee lists) via email. Any submissions sent by email will be regarded as a security risk and not be processed.

If you want to submit to The Legal 500 then you must register for The Legal 500 Portal and then upload your information via the Portal. No exceptions!

Q Data Protection: is our confidential information safe?

We have been entrusted with confidential information from law firms for 35+ years. The credibility of The Legal 500 is based on the fact that firms can trust us with confidential information – knowing we will take care of it.

Firms can only upload information to us via the secure, dedicated, Legal 500 Portal. We have comprehensive data protection policies. All law firm information is ring-fenced. Note that we do not accept email copies of Law Firm Submissions or Client Referee lists (because of the security risks). We are Cyber Essentials certified. Our Staff cannot copy, print, or email any the files sent to us. You can download our Privacy Policy and our Third Party Information Undertaking here.

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