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SOPHiA GENETICS is a health tech company democratizing Data-Driven Medicine to improve medical research worldwide.

Translating data into actionable insights to support clinical experts in their fight against cancers and inherited diseases

SOPHiA GENETICS unites experts across medical fields and disciplines, motivates collaboration, and enhances knowledge sharing to enable informed therapeutic decision-making and have a positive impact on human health.

SOPHiA GENETICS helps healthcare professionals to draw insights from data-driven medicine, work together as a community, and deploy their collective expertise for the benefit of patients around the world. We aim to empower clinicians and researchers to practice data-driven medicine as a standard of care to improve clinical and scientific outcomes.

Sophia AI across disease areas

We apply our unique multimodal approach and AI-based technology to address the challenges across disease areas, helping bring data-driven medicine to those who need it most.

We have built established capabilities in oncology and have a robust footprint across multiple disease areas including rare diseases, neurology, cardiology, and metabolism.

Our multimodal data capabilities

The SOPHiA DDM platform can compute different data sources separately or together and combine them with phenotypic data to deliver insightful information.

We have developed proprietary capabilities in artificial intelligence and machine learning-enabled exploration of multimodal signatures. Through these, we unlock the synergistic power of next-generation health data to break new ground in predictive capabilities. We believe that over time, multi-omics and multimodal data will provide a superior means to diagnose and treat disease.


Revolutionizing drug discovery, clinical development, and commercialization of new drugs through data-driven medicine and multimodal insights.

How we can help

The rapid maturation of molecular and imaging technologies in addition to the digital transformation of healthcare has resulted in an explosion of data, dense in information and insights for BioPharma. The SOPHiA DDM™ platform breaks down data silos, driving faster discovery of new biomarkers.

Through a global network and patented algorithms, we give the BioPharma community access to high-quality real-world data, leveraging the SOPHiA DDM™ platform.

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A good source of data sharing network regarding medicine, and health improvement.

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