Skin Care Retreat

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Premier Full Service Skincare Facility in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, NYC.

SKN is a premier full service skincare facility in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen in NYC. We offer all types of skin treatments, body treatments, hair removal and more. Join us for a lush treatment today! A truly unique skin destination, this ultra-relaxing urban escape is designed with post interior lounge and lush patio garden for the ultimate in mind and body rejuvenation. We use the most advanced skin care technology and provide diversified treatments by well-trained beauticians. Our beauty consultants regularly review the habits of our customers and recommend appropriate treatments and services. We also design specific treatment courses tailored to the needs of VIP customers. Our senior management closely monitors the latest trends in the beauty industry and purchases top-notch beauty equipment to provide innovative treatments.

Established in 2012.

SKN Spa opened in June 2012 to stellar reviews and a warm embrace by the people of Hell’s Kitchen. Since then, we have worked hard to continue to provide exceptional skincare services to the people of New York City. With so much success so far, we look forward to adding you to our long list of happy, beautiful clients.

Meet the Business Owner Darren S.

After eighteen years in the skincare business, Darren S. decided to open up his own, upscale skincare spa where people could come and enjoy the best in skin care and amenities right in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. SKN Spa was born to offer you luminous skin and amazing customer service. Darren and his friendly staff invite you to book your service today. Your skin will love you for it!