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Shop Local Somerset is dedicated to promoting and raising awareness about the various local businesses that contribute to the fabric of our community. Our strategic marketing efforts aim to emphasize the importance of keeping our dollars within the local economy. By supporting these businesses, we are not only investing in our schools, roadways, and infrastructure but also the livelihoods of our fellow community members.

Additionally, the funds generated through these businesses help sustain local not-for-profit organizations that address crucial needs in our area. To facilitate your search for information and more, we have developed this website and campaign. If you want to confirm whether a business is a participating member of Shop Local Somerset, simply look for the green logo decal on their door or utilize our business directory. If you require a decal, you can request one through our website. By collectively supporting and promoting local businesses, we can ensure the continued prosperity of our local economy for years to come.

So go ahead, try out a new restaurant tonight or find a local physician. As you explore our site, you will discover the diverse range of products and services available in our area. Almost everything you need can be found right here in Somerset. Let’s keep it local!