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With locations in Kansas City and Chicago, IL, Scenic Road is a creative content and video production agency that uses authentic storytelling to put a beating heart behind your brand. We approach your content with the eye of a documentarian and the mind of a strategic marketer. This perspective is the catalyst for us to convey the natural power of relatable human interactions and bare, unscripted truth. The results are real and powerful brand connections.

If we have a secret, it’s the curiosity we bring to every project. With an extensive background in journalism, we are keenly aware of those moments that define, shape, and accelerate a story. See how Scenic Road has helped companies and brands connect to their audiences by viewing some of our featured videos and content campaigns.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you, early on, in ideation and creative concept development. We invite you to bring us your ideas or ask us to share ours. Together, we’ll find the best way to tell and promote your brand story, whether it lives through text, photography, graphics, animation, or cinematography.

It all starts with a simple conversation. We’d love to hear your story and find ways to share it with your customers and clients.

Scenic Road is a video production and content agency. We are a group of visual storytellers, made up of artists, journalists, cinematographers, and strategic digital marketers, who came together to create authentic consumer experiences. Scenic was born with the realization that there was a lack of authentic branded content in marketing. Savvy client marketers understand the intimate connection consumers experience with authenticity. It creates loyalty and advocacy. That’s ultimately why we formed Scenic Road: to give marketers a partner in creating powerful content.


Darren Mark, Managing Partner

Darren loves a good story, so it makes sense that he devoted his career to beginnings, middles, and endings. After graduating from NYU film school, Darren worked in producing capacities for HGTV and Hearst television. His position as a network affiliate feature reporter took him through the next ten years, at which point he co-founded Scenic Road, where today, he tells stories for some of the world’s most exciting brands. Along the way, Darren contributed food features to magazines on both sides of the Atlantic, all the while tiptoeing around the cholesterol-related implications of such physically demanding work.

Kevin Schwarzenberger, Partner and Managing Director of Photography

Kevin’s eyes are unique. Physically they look like, well, eyes. But their ability to see is what sets them apart. Kevin sharpened his vision while shooting video for network and cable television, where we learned to tell stories without the benefit of words. He worked on the red carpet of the Golden Globes; on productions for Oprah and 60 Minutes; and on broadcasts for The Today Show and Good Morning America. When Kevin co-founded Scenic Road, he established a visual program that makes for compelling branded content. And very happy clients.

Jolean Olson, Vice President

Jolean Olson is an Emmy-award-winning content producer. She lives to create, write, and produce any kind of content for the web, broadcast, and cable television. When she is not coming up with the Next Big Thing for our brands, Jolean is glamping, eating, or solving other peoples’ problems. She’s currently working on her poker face.

Rob Howard, Director of Postproduction

Rob began his career by cutting short action films that he won’t show, even to people who ask nicely. He brings to Scenic Road a uniquely cinematic perspective, developed over twenty years of directing, shooting, and editing all manner of projects from reality shows, web promos, and car commercials to music videos, short films, and corporate profiles. He is an expert pool player, happily addicted to coffee, and enjoys a fantastic marriage to the mother of his eight children. Despite his obvious character flaws, including a surprising inability to engage in small talk, Rob is a phenomenal team member and a genius in the edit bay. He is also the author of this paragraph.