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Rain Pest Control is committed to providing exceptional service, supporting our community, and embracing diversity. In 1976, we have built a reputation for being a forward-thinking and innovative enterprise. Here, In the twin cities, we have established a strong reputation for our reliability, efficiency, and attention to detail.

 Our dedication to excellence, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart as a trusted partner for all your service needs. Don’t let pests cause damage to your property or put your health at risk – trust our team to provide you with timely assistance. Our pest control services are available for all your pest control needs, from eradicating a single pest to ensuring ongoing peace of mind for your home.

Vole Pest Control

We take into consideration all factors related to the safety of the family, friends, and colleagues.  Subsequently. Our pest expert will offer recommendations and implement scientifically proven solutions to resolve your solutions.

Ant Control

Rainbow’s team of pest control specialists can safeguard your residence from ant infestations through a single pest control session or as a component of a comprehensive Pest Protection Plan. To obtain further information and schedule your service, speak with one of our knowledgeable experts without delay.

Mouse Control

Older houses in the Minneapolis & St. Paul metro areas are particularly susceptible to continuous mouse infestations due to the presence of aging exteriors, which can offer numerous entry points. For a more durable solution in controlling your mice problem, it is advisable to reach out to the pest experts at Rainbow Pest Experts.

Spider Control

Consider scheduling your spider control service today, as spiders are often found in dark areas such as basements and attics, whether you are seeking refuge from the summer heat. Professional pest control experts have the knowledge, experience, and tools to effectively eliminate spiders and their webs from your basement and attic.


Q How is Rainbow Pest Experts overall rated?

Rainbow Pest Experts is currently rated 4.9 overall out of 5.

Q What days are Rainbow Pest Experts open?

Rainbow Pest Experts is open Monday to Friday.

Q Are warranties offered by Rainbow Pest Experts?

Yes, Rainbow Pest Experts offers warranties.

Q Are there any services Rainbow Pest Experts does not offer?

We do not offer only bed bug services.