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We are a group of environmental scientists, engineers, educators, health professionals, philosophers, and other humans concerned with the health of our planet, especially with the most fragile areas of our global environment such as the Rain Forests, Oceans, and other areas of concern.

Our aim is to do and encourage research pertaining to technologies to prevent and remediate environmental and ecological damage in any part of the globe using appropriate know-how at the minimum cost possible.

Our name is derived from Genesis 2,15 “ויקח יהוה אלהים את האדם וינחהו בגן עדן לעבדה ולשמרה” The translation is “And the Lord God took the Man and placed him in the Garden of Eden to work it and PROTECT IT”. The Greek text (circa 250BC) is gender neutral translating “man” as “Anthropos” which means “Human” St Jerome’s translation into Latin (circa 400CE) is specially tuned to our times because he calls the Garden of Eden “Paradiso Voluptatis” meaning “paradise of pleasure”. Paradise is the Persian word for garden, meaning the untouched nature and the pleasure it brings us to commune with nature, the handcraft of God.

 The organization is open to people of all races and all creeds that hold the belief that we must protect our living environment, all species of plants, animals, and even other forms of life such as fungi, protozoans, and bacteria.

Each member of the organization must use his knowledge skills, and wealth to carry out any of the projects of the organization.

This is a “not for profit organization” Donations are tax deductible. Funds will be used to defray the costs of projects, have educators disseminate Environmental Consciousness, and support research facilities in the USA and in other countries.

Cordial greetings to all our supporters and members

Environmental remediation technology focuses

  • Mercury in the Rainforest
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation
  • Industrial Emission Control
  • Community Outreach