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Plenity is an FDA-approved medication used for weight management. Plenty was created by Gelesis, a biotherapeutics company. It was founded in 2006 by CEO Yishai Zohar and approved by the FDA in 2019. It comes in the form of an oral capsule that can increase feelings of fullness and satiety, helping patients manage their weight. 

As per Elaine Chiquette, the chief scientific officer at Gelesis, This medication is made up of naturally derived building blocks, like modified cellulose, that form a superabsorbent hydrogel through a unique process. The hydrogel particles are made up of sugar-sized grains of plant-based, absorbent materials. It soaks up water inside the body to create three-dimensional beads that blend with the food you eat. This helps control hunger and makes your stomach feel fuller. 

If you’re interested in obtaining a Plenity prescription, you can connect with a medical provider through Push Health who can prescribe the medication for weight management when appropriate.


Q How much weight you can lose when using Plenity?

At least 5% of the body weight was dropped by Plenity users. 10% of the body weight was lost by the majority of responders on average. After six months, the average weight decrease was roughly 22 pounds.

Q Who cannot take Plenity?

Patients under the age of 22 should not receive plenity. Individuals should not take Plenity if they are pregnant or have an allergy to any of the following: cellulose, citric acid, gelatin, sodium stearyl fumarate, or titanium dioxide.

Q Is Plenity a drug?

Plenitude is not a drug; it contains no stimulants and does not lead to addiction. This medical item is FDA-approved and can only be purchased with a prescription. The bloodstream does not absorb plenity.

Q Are heart patients safe to use plenity?

Individuals with a BMI of 25–40 who are obese or overweight are eligible for plenity. Patients with heart disease can also use it safely.

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Very helpful

Plenty is very helpful to eat less and lose weight. I lost 2kg in One month, Very helpful. Anyone should give it a chance.

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