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Termite treatments, rodent exclusion, pest control attic insulation, and wood repair. Our goal is to provide complete customer satisfaction without the inconvenience and health risks of fumigation.

Pacific Coast Termite was formed in 2007 by Co-Owners Dennis Wilson and James Grande. The Company was started in Tustin California, and has expanded to cover the entire state. During this time the company has grown each and every year, propelling Pacific Coast Termite to one of the top termite and pest control Companies in the Nation.

Pacific Coast Termite has had a great history serving California since 2007.

Pacific Coast Termite was formed in 2007 by co-owners Dennis Wilson and James Grande in Tustin, California, and has expanded to cover the entire state.

According to Dennis Wilson, “We built this company with the goal of helping Californians eliminate termite problems without going through the inconveniences and health risks of tent fumigation.”

James Grande adds, “Pacific Coast Termite has successfully treated over 50,000 homes, businesses, and commercial properties throughout California.”

Both men agree that a large part of their company’s growth is attributed to word of mouth. Referrals along with great reviews and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau have also helped. Consequently, they have been able to hire and train professional people who represent the company’s quality image.

All company employees listen to their customers and have created new services based on customer feedback and requests.

Today the company has full in-house woodworking divisions, and offers comprehensive termite control, rodent control, and attic rescue services such as attic cleaning and TAP pest control insulation to replace old soiled attic insulation.

California termite protection with guaranteed results

Pacific Coast Termite is one of the best termite and pest control companies serving California.

All of their termite treatments have a warranty of 2 years, so contact them today at 1-800-PACIFIC (1-800-722-4342) and see how they can protect your residential or commercial property in California.

  • They warranty your home or business for 2 years
  • Their warranty includes both existing termite infestations and any new termite infestations
  • After the original 2-year warranty expires they offer an annual renewal program
  • While under warranty there is no charge for an inspection if you sell your property
  • Their warranty can be transferred to a new owner

One of their licensed inspectors based in Northern California or Southern California will complete a full inspection. Upon completion of the inspection, you will receive a detailed report stating all findings, as well as recommendations and pricing of their pest control services.

Californians benefit from Orange Oil termite treatment

Pacific Coast Termite utilizes all the latest in termite treatment technology including XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus treatment.

  • Guaranteed effective
  • Products are plant-based, renewable and naturally-occurring
  • No need to touch the roof during treatment
  • No risk to vegetation or landscaping
  • 2-Year Warranty

Orange Oil is a “green” product that allows you to stay indoors while a Pacific Coast Termite professional is treating your property to eliminate termites.

An orange oil treatment is very effective in eradicating termites from your home or business in California. This orange oil is a naturally occurring essential oil derived from the rind of oranges. It contains an active ingredient called d-limonene that helps in exterminating the termites.

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Good job Pacific coast termite

My friend suggest me Pacific coast and literally i am surprised. I had not seen a single pest in my house for long. I really want to thank them. They did a great job.

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