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Sarah, aka Online School Mom…most days you can find me working at my desk with three dogs at my feet OR traveling for my full-time job while overseeing my kids doing their homeschool / online school work.

Helping others see there IS ANOTHER academic path through homeschool and online school is my goal.

Disclaimer: I NEVER thought I would be a homeschooling mom. NEVER EVER!

For two years, my kids begged me to homeschool them….even after I decided to give it a try, the envelope sat on my counter for THREE months before I got the guts to send it in. Even then, I was lost, overwhelmed, and terrified!

Back to reality- I’m a 44-year old Midwestern mom with three kids, two dogs, and a husband. I love Facebook groups (join ours please!), podcasts, Netflix, and running on trails. Parenting two high level gymnasts (boy and a girl) and one daughter starting her first year on dance team is my challenge!

I’m trying my best to implement clean eating and prepping food in advance. I am culinary challenged but obsessed with finding easy and healthy Instant Pot recipes and making Kale smoothies in my Vitamix. I love organization, technology, God, Trader Joe’s, Audible, Outschool, Skillshare, and eraseable pens.

Oh, I also run an Airbnb as a side hussle to allow my kids to do competitive sports. I’m truly just trying to live my best life and wanting to share with my community of moms.

What can you expect from this homeschooling as a working mom?

Honesty, our experiences, organized compilations of tools and sites that have or are helping us, and the reality of what it’s like to utilize online schooling and e-learning. I will share the mistakes I have made (like paying one virtual provider over 1K only to have her disappear….). That’s what Online School Mom is all about.

My goal is to build a group of people trying to figure out and optimally utilize online education and thereafter- how we can make it effective and doable for those who want to do it due to athletics, family, bullying, religious reasons, or whatever reason you have!

Join our Facebook Group for Online School to get even more tips and tricks from the community and share with others about ALL THINGS ONLINE SCHOOL.

Adults make friends all of the time via Facebook groups or other specialized social media- what about virtual social classes or clubs for kids?

Listen to our podcast episode HERE for more details on virtual clubs for kids and teens.

Making friends safely as a child or teen in a virtual world is challenging.

Parents want their kids to connect with others and be able to socialize. Truly, we all want our children to find others with similar interests and create true friendships.

What’s the challenge? Distance learning, online school and homeschooling during a pandemic all pose real roadblocks against traditional social networking and communicating.

What if your children and teens could connect safely and easily with other kids? Trust me- my 9 year old NEEDS social connections and kids to talk to.

The good news- we are in a tech savvy world with amazing opportunities. Honestly, this is a chance for your kids to connect with people they may not have otherwise via virtual social classes.

These are the options I have discovered for online, safe socialization for now and fall. Got other recommendations for virtual social classes? Comment and we will check them out!