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One Hour Pest Control with years of experience, One Hour Pest Control is committed to keeping New York pest-free. Our technicians are highly trained and the most important thing is that we never stop focusing more on learning about pest control. We attend workshops and seminars to stay up-to-date on the latest pest control trends. It’s almost impossible to get rid of pests on your own. That’s why One-hour Pest Control is here to help. Our experienced pest control specialists will evaluate your problem and recommend the best plan for you, all at an affordable price. We provide tried and true pest control techniques to safely and effectively remove insects and rodents from your home, all backed by a written guarantee. 

Residential pest control service

Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary and not a place full of ants, mice, bed bugs, and all the stress that comes with any pest control issue. One Hour Pest Control has been one of the top and most experienced pest control companies in the Queens area for many years. Our licensed exterminators are equipped with top-of-the-line products, pesticides, eco-friendly solutions, and cutting-edge industry equipment that will get rid of any pest problem in your home and property.

Commercial pest control

We remove and eliminate pests and infestations from your commercial properties, and keep them gone forever. A global leader in safe pest extermination and efficient pest control, our technicians customize proven methods and offer a variety of ongoing maintenance schedules for any industry to protect your businesses in Brooklyn. One Hour Pest Control creates effective pest control programs. Our trained pest control professionals apply scientifically proven pest control products by industry standards that provide guaranteed results. 

Green Pest Control

Our eco-friendly pest control solutions incorporate tried and true freeze and heat methods that are tailored to eliminate insects and vermin without compromising your health or safety. Choose an environmentally friendly pest control method that eliminates the harmful effects of traditional pesticides and keeps your Brooklyn home or business free of pests and harsh chemicals. 


Q Is One Hour Pest Control safe to breathe?

We use EPA-approved products and will customize efficient green pest control solutions to meet your needs. Product materials and safety information are available upon request.

Q Is cleaning required after pest control?

You don’t need to sweep and mop right away. In many instances, it can wipe off treated baseboards, making the treatment less effective. Pest control solutions are usually tailored to your specific needs.

Q Does it smell after pest control?

Pesticides can have strong or unpleasant odors that can last for several days. High levels of humidity and low wind speeds can cause these odors to persist or spread from treated areas to other areas.

Q How do I prepare my room for pest control?

Make sure your home is easy for the pest control experts to get to. Remove any food sources that attract the pests. Eliminate any hiding spots, nests, and other visible pests. Clean carpets, floors, and kitchen surfaces to get rid of food crumbs.

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Margaret Lewis 5 Reviews
Great Experience

Their technicians are efficient and well-mannered. They carried out the examination and reported his results. They were easy to work with, and if I needed to, I would hire them again.

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