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Old IronSides Fakes is a service that provides users with the opportunity to purchase artificial IDs from an international business. The company’s location is undisclosed, but it is known to be located outside of the U.S.A. This is advantageous for customers as it ensures that the U.S. authorities cannot interfere with the business. 

The ID specialists at Old IronSides Fakes are highly skilled and knowledgeable about the requirements of each state. They know the requirements of each state deeply. Whenever these requirements change, the company promptly offers its customers an updated version of the ID. Customers have the option to order multiple documents in two different versions: one that is older and another that is more recent. 

The Old IronSides Fakes’ primary benefits are their exceptional professionalism, reasonable costs, and remarkable dependability. Because of this, there is a constant increase in demand for its services. If you are seeking a trustworthy website for the creation of fake identification documents, Old Ironsides can be relied upon.


Q How do they ship the ID?

They offer various shipping methods for IDs, such as EMS and DHL, among others.

Q Is it possible to buy just one ID?

They do not offer the option to purchase a single ID. Their policy is to provide two identical IDs to each customer to ensure that in the event of one being lost, a replacement can be provided without incurring additional costs.

Q What payment method do they accept?

They accept Bitcoin & Western Union.