Music First

Teach music in a connected world

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MusicFirst, the Digital Education Division of  Wise Music Group, was founded with one mission: to offer music teachers and their students easy-to-use, affordable, cloud-based solutions that enable learning, creation, assessment, sharing, and exploration on any device, at any time, anywhere.

We firmly believe that the future of music software is in the cloud. Instead of purchasing a boxed software product and having it installed on a school computer, cloud-based software lives online.

At the heart of our software is the MusicFirst Classroom – the only learning management system designed specifically for K-12 music education. To access cloud-based software, all you need is a web browser. This affords teachers and students to utilize state-of-the-art software tools on any computer at any time.

All teacher and student work is saved in the cloud, making assessment easy and convenient. Because the software lives online, you never have to worry about upgrading or getting your school’s IT department involved. MusicFirst is dedicated to making music software incredibly easy to access and use.

The MusicFirst team is made up of current and former music educators with decades of experience integrating technology effectively into the curriculum. Our staff is always available to answer any questions you may have and can train you on how to implement any technology tool into your teaching. We look forward to working with you.