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Moxie pest control was established in 2001. Moxie has motivated team members. Moxie pest has many branches in their home town and across the country in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Las Vegas, and more.

Moxie provides a pest control facility which will defend you from the insects. Pest control is as old as agriculture, as there is always a need of preventing crops from insects. They provide the best quality of services to their customers by which you can live your life freely. They improve your standard and believe in taking care of their customers. They aim to kill all pests with a custom plan based on your specific needs. By their efforts you can get back to living at your home with comfort and peace.

Five methods of effective pesticides are:

  • Pesticides: This is a medicinal liquid, which is applied in our house, offices and other commercial places to get rid of insects and bugs.
  • Organic Pesticides: These pesticides are prepared by natural sources. These natural sources are plants, such as neem, and pyrethrum.
  • Fumigation: This is a process of killing the insects by smoke.
  • Baiting:  This method is used to kill rats, ants and cockroaches. Poison is placed at many different places, animals eat them and die.
  • Traps: In this method they use any mechanism or box to catch the insects.

Services Provided by Moxi pest control

Moxie offers a number of services to fulfill the needs of their customers. 

  • Pest services: They provide pest control service. After application of pesticides you get rid of the ants, spiders, cockroaches, bugs, fleas, beetles, mosquitoes and snails. 
  • Insulation service: They provide Insulation service also. In the Insulin service they reduce the heating and cooling of your home.
  • Commercial services: In these services Moxi provide pest control on monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis.


Q Name the chemical that is used as pesticides?

DDT is used as pesticides for killing and controlling the pests.

Q Name the pesticide that is commonly used to protect wooden structures from termite attack?

Aldrin is a organochlorine pesticide that kills soil insects like termites, corn rootworms, wireworms, rice water weevils, and grasshoppers.

Q What are the main problems with pesticides?

Due to the use of pesticides some non targeted plants and some beneficial insects get killed.

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great services

Best decision of mine for my kitchen till now because the pests have grown so much in my kitchen that I have been frightened to go inside the kitchen. One day am searched for pest control services near me on google, and Moxie Pest Control had the highest rating, so we made an appointment with them. They are trustworthy and value for money.

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