Midas : Brakes, Tires, Oil Change, All of Our Auto Repair Needs,

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Midas welcomes you to the automobile center at the center of New York City. We are delighted to have you sharing 1200-plus stores with us. Here, we are the first automobile store that guarantees lifetime services of the vehicles. “Midas” has become the perfect combination of expertise, value, and professionalism. Along with we take great pride in providing exceptional service to ensure that your vehicle is in top-notch condition.

Our mechanics are accurate to help keep you and your loved ones safe on the road. One of our top priorities at Midas, and we take great pride in providing exceptional service to ensure the experience that your vehicle is running smoothly and safely along with strongly encouraging innovation and creativity. At Midas, we believe in supporting skill development and providing cross-training opportunities for our employees. We understand that becoming fluent in identifying and fixing issues such as squeaks, pings, and rattles is essential to delivering exceptional service to our customers.

To provide superior value with our products and services, surpassing the competition and serving each customer better options. We also offer routine maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations to wear-related repairs including brakes and brake repair, mufflers and exhaust, and steering and suspension repairs. For more information, contact us.