Cha-kaiseki cuisine is a full course meal served in a formal tea ceremony and it is a principal of Japanese cuisine. It places a great emphasis on seasonal ingredients to showcase their flavor and give a sense of the season, as well as presentation, including tableware and flowers displayed in the room. The essence of kaiseki is to entertain the guests with a heart of hospitality. The original form of kaiseki cuisine impacted by Zen is considered to date back to the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (1573-1603). To entertain guests wholeheartedly, Cha-kaiseki is prepared with great care and time, starting with sourcing the best ingredients. Therefore, Kobikicho OONO accepts only one group of up to 6 people per day with reservations made at least one week in advance. The owner, Tomoyuki Oono, was born and raised in a Japanese restaurant family in Ginza-Kobikicho and has cultivated a delicate sense of taste by enjoying delicious, high-quality food from a young age. After graduating from cooking school, he trained at a famous Cha-kaiseki restaurant and learned not only the cuisine, but also the etiquette and customs. He opened this restaurant to let people enjoy the culture of the tea ceremony more casually.

OONO’s Omakase Course is served in accordance with the flow of Cha-kaiseki. It starts with rice, followed by shiru (soup), mukouzuke (sashimi), nimonowan (simmered dish), yakimono (grilled dish), shiizakana (simmered/dressed dishes), kozuimono (clear soup), hassun (assorted seasonal side dishes), ko-no-mono (pickled vegetables), yuto (rice), amami (dessert) and USUCHA-Tin Tea to round out the meal. It is served in a similar way that resembles the way a host entertains guests at a tea ceremony. At Kobikicho OONO, even without knowledge about the formal etiquette of a tea ceremony, diners can savor the cuisine in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere and enjoy tea in a ceremony room after the meal; something that is popular among foreign guests. With the restaurant available for reservations 24 hours a day, guest will feel like VIPs as they enjoy hearty hospitality and authentic Cha-kaiseki cuisine in a casual setting, making for an unforgettable experience at Kobikicho OONO.

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Their food is just amazing, I will highly recommend them to anyone.

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