Leveraging Data and Technology to Help Scale Your Business Through Performance Media

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Media buying/planning agency specializing in performance advertising in direct response in the General, U.S. Hispanic & Canadian marketplace.

Icon Media Direct is the advertising industry’s premier direct response marketing agency driving incremental sales, brand awareness, and direct revenue for emerging and household brands. Headquartered in greater Los Angeles, the agency specializes in media buying & planning and campaign management to create successful direct-response campaigns that produce accountable results on television, in print, online, and at retail. 

Icon Media Direct was built on relationships. Deep, strong, long-standing relationships with our clients, partners, employees, and even our community. We understand that strong relationships with our clients allow us to dig deep into their business to truly understand what drives growth and success. Then we partner with them to bring about the best results we can. That’s why we have clients that have been with us since the day we opened our doors.

Our strong relationships with our network partners, allow them to trust that we hold true to our commitments, which enables us to negotiate great deals for our clients and deliver some of the best rates in the industry. And our relationships with our employees are built on the understanding that we really care about their personal and professional growth and will work hard to nurture a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

We Are Obsessed with ROI

We are strategists, media planners, negotiators, data scientists, and visionaries. We are driven by the relationships we have built, the trust we have earned from our clients, and the unrelenting desire to coax every penny of ROI out of every media dollar spent.