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Here on the shore, we have a responsibility to advocate for fresh, flavorful seafood service. We must provide good food in your location, where you may order exactly what you want, including a crab soup that is made in front of you at the steam galley. It’s all here in a modern approach to dining, where we take pride in serving you unique, sustainably sourced fish meals and fresh local cuisine in a beautiful, environmentally friendly restaurant that treats mother nature with kindness throughout the entire operation. Hook & Barrel is committed to reducing its negative effects on the environment so that our planet can have a better future. To make our workplace a cleaner, safer place to work and visit, we are dedicated to sourcing only the most eco-friendly items and using environmentally friendly kitchen equipment. Hook and Barrel ensure the 100% privacy and requirements of the customer.
Barrel and Hook, One bite will have you hooked.


Q Did Hook and Barrel restaurant provide you hygienic food ?

Yes, Hook And Barrel score 100 out of 100 in health score Powered by Hazel Analytics

Q Does Hook & Barrel have a vegan option?

Yes, hook and Barrel provides a different variety of options for Vegan food.

Q Is Hook & Barrel a kid-friendly and secure location?

Yes, Hook and Barrel are perfectly fine for child safety. It maintains proper hygiene and safety for the children.