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Call HITECH termite control services. We will evaluate the extent of damage and advise you on a suitable course of action. Your problems will be solved by our professionals who have a lot of expertise in this field.

Do you know what is the single largest cause of destruction of property in the USA? No, it’s not killer tornados or earthquakes. It’s termite infestation that causes untold damage every year, more so in California.

Sadly, the size of the damage prevents us from putting an estimate on it. The extent of destruction cannot be seen by the naked eye. Slowly but surely, the structure of your building and property is eaten into by termites and you may not discover the situation until it’s too late.

Non-Fumigation Termite Control

Termite infestation is a problem that can plague your home and systematically destroy it. But when you call in termite control services, they use highly toxic poisonous gasses to fumigate your place. As a result, you have to leave your home for two or three days. This creates a hardship and totally upsets your normal life.

Call HITECH Termite Control to get around this problem. We have a non-fumigation termite control process that uses low toxicity chemicals to clean your house in one day, causing no inconvenience to you. These non-fumigation chemicals are injected into the affected places destroying termites and preventing further infestation.

We use non-poisonous and non-staining chemicals. This ensures that the health of your loved ones is not affected. There are no toxic stains around the house that have to be cleaned up later, leaving you without any worries after we have done the job. Your favorite indoor plants are also safe.

At HITECH Termite Control we have a professional team with vast experience in this field and will take care of all your termite related problems. Call us for a free limited inspection at.

Fumigation Pest Control

Termites generally strike without warning. You may think that your home is clean and beautiful but deep within the woodwork of your doors or windows or your indoor potted plants, termites are systematically destroying your home without your knowledge. They may be the subterranean or dry wood kind but both are equally dangerous. To eradicate them completely from your home, you must get professional help.

At HITECH Termite, we have skilled technicians who will make your home completely termite free. Our fumigation process use gas that is lethal to termites and ensures that future infestations do not take place. However, we realize this may present a health hazard to you. So, during the fumigation pest control process, we request that you (family, pets and plants) stay away from your house for 24 to 48 hours.

HI TECH Termite is a licensed termite control company and have years of experience in this field. For any termite related problems call us

Termite Damage Repair

Have you ever bothered checking whether your house is free from termites? Sometimes everything will look fine from outside. While a closer look might reveal minimum damage, in reality it is possible that there might be whole colonies of termites inside, systematically eating into the woodwork. Termites strike without warning. They breed mainly in moist conditions. It’s of paramount importance to immediately take preventive steps, even at the slightest hint of a termite attack.

It’s always advisable to get professional help to contain even the slightest damage from termites. Any negligence will only aggravate matters. And no one is better to bail you out in this regard than HI TECH Termite can help you solve your termite problems. We are the leader in termite treatment companies. We will visit your home, assess the extent of damage and initiate remedial measures. Depending on the amount of loss to your woodwork, necessary termite treatments will be done to fix the present problem and prevent future infestations.

Termite Control Services

Hi Tech Termite Control use today’s most advanced technologies to control and eliminate termite problems.

Hi Tech’s microwave technology is clean and efficient. Microwaving in conjunction with state registered chemicals, such as non-repellant Termidor, to treat drywood and dampwood termites and power powder post beetles. For subterranean termite control services, Hi Tech uses non-repellant termidor for prevention of future infestations, Hi Tech uses Timbor which is sprayed on bare wood in attics and crawl spaces.

Furthermore we offer a three year, full structure warranty with our primary and secondary treatment termite control services covering all species of termites and wood boring beetles.

Work is quick and easy Simply stated, microwave energy converts to heat that kills termites and beetles infesting the wood. Heat is generated by a magnetron head mounted on a tripod for easy access to floors, walls and ceilings. The magnatrons funnel-shaped wave guide directs microwaves to the infested area, penetrating the wood and killing the termites.

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