Grey Matter

Our proprietary framework for generating more revenue.

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We drive results for our clients in any market using a unique strategy called Agile Acquisition. This strategy is based on a framework and methodology that aligns both marketing and sales and supports scalable, repeatable, and predictable revenue growth for your organization.

‘Agile’ uses a combination of marketing & sales channels to simultaneously attack your market from every angle. Then we continually reassess your results and fluidly shift our efforts to what’s working, so you get results like you’ve never seen before.

Whether it’s a seasoned manufacturing executive or a trendy ‘twenty-something’, your ideal customer likely uses multiple devices each day and a mix of work, personal, and play across several different online mediums.

Success then requires constantly moving your acquisition strategy and budget to where your customers are. Keeping your activity ‘agile’ so to speak. By changing tactics to stay where the best results are coming from, you’ll get a constant flow of ‘wins’ that you can build momentum on. It’s innovative, aggressive, and incredibly successful.

This is what we at Grey Matter call Agile Acquisition.

There’s no hiding it; we’re extremely competitive. We love to win, and we love helping companies like yours win as well. We’re on a relentless pursuit of maximum ROI for our clients and optimize our approach to consistently over-deliver on KPIs set early in strategic meetings. We’re confident in the strategies we put together and the talent of our team to execute our engagements.

So here’s what we’ve come up with; either we deliver a positive ROI for you during our traditional engagement period, or we’ll cut you a check for 3 months of our services. It’s that simple. We’ve delivered well above 10X ROI on multiple occasions and continue to exceed our KPIs with our existing clients.

At Grey Matter, we’re not only students of neuroscience, we’ve published books about it. We understand the mind of the customer and engineer our clients’ strategy around how people truly make decisions.

Are you ready to have a more meaningful and differentiated conversation with your prospects, customers, and teams? We’ve taken our learning to the next level and turned it into the foundational pillar that enables salespeople, marketers, and organizations to do just that.

We think differently. We think deeply. And we apply that thinking to build sales and marketing strategies that result in unprecedented revenue growth.

Our Process

Deep Research & Strategy Development

First, we listen and learn from you. Then, we do a parallel deep dive on the current state of the business, macro & micro-trends, a competitive analysis, and more to formulate an Agile Acquisition strategy specifically for your business.

Implementation Of Tools & Technology

We’re experts in technology and without bias. We’ll also ensure we’re leveraging every piece of marketing & sales technology that will enable us to be highly effective without overcomplicating your current technology stack.

Agile Acquisition Execution

Once research, strategy, and implementation are complete, we’re ready to execute. We’ll activate many of our activities in a parallel manner, ensuring we move fast, but stay in control of the process. Smarter, not harder.

Measure, Learn, Iterate, & Repeat

We measure everything. We then make sound decisions based on data to change, increase, or re-organize our customer acquisition strategy as we continue to move forward. We repeat this feedback loop for all of our acquisition channels.