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Green Earth Pest Control Inc. is a Pest Control company known for providing pest management services in the United States. The company was established in 1999.  At present, the company is providing its services mainly in the neighborhoods of New York and Los Angeles. The neighborhood regions include Staten Island, Hudson County, NJ, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Its services include Pest Control, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Rodents, termites, fabric-destroying insects, Ants, and fleas. The Company is known for providing remarkable services in the Pest Control sector. It uses eco-friendly ingredients in its pesticides. It believes in providing customer satisfaction to its clients  Green Earth Pest Control Inc. is known for providing top-notch services in the United States. They believe in providing quality services.  Some of Its benefits include : 

Pest Control

Green Earth Pest Control Inc. lists pest control as its services. The company has a 100% kill rate when it comes to dealing with Pests of all kinds ranging from ants to centipedes and spiders. It removes pests of all kinds and focuses on the minimization of infestation to the maximum level. It tries to locate and identify enclosed spaces to eliminate pests within the household. The company believes in the complete annihilation of pests.

Fabric Destroying Insects

Green Earth Pest Control Inc. lists fabric-destroying insect control as one of its services. It eliminates fabric-destroying Insects like  Webbing Clothes Moth and Casemaking Clothes Moth. They are known for turning good wearable clothes into piles of threads, creating holes in clothes and fabrics. The experts at Green Earth Pest Control use their vast knowledge and skills to locate & extricate the insects hidden in layers of fabric, threads, and cotton fabrics. It promises to remove and control the infestations. 

Bed Bugs Removal

Green Earth Pest Control Inc. lists Bed Bugs removal as its service. The BedBugs are known for causing much havoc to the residents. They usually inhibit enclosed spaces and can leave insect bites to the people in contact with insects. Their population needs to be minimized for safe use of spaces  & healthy inhabitants living in residential spaces free from any kind of infestations.  A well-thought plan is created by a team of expert Green Earth Pest Control technicians to tackle and exterminate Bed Bugs.

Cockroaches Control

Green Earth Pest Control Inc. lists cockroach control as one of its services. Since the presence of cockroaches, it’s humanly impossible to not get diseases. The infestation of cockroaches can be controlled by identifying the spaces in which cockroaches inhabit and spraying insecticides that can kill cockroaches. The company believes in 100% extermination and plans to kill roaches so infestation be controlled to a maximum level.


Q What days does Green Earth Pest Control open Up?

The opening hours include days from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. where Saturdays & Sundays are off days.

Q Are the Products of Green Earth Pest Control Safe for Children ?

Yes, the products of Green Earth Pest Control are safe for Children.

Q Does Green Earth Pest Control use pesticide-free methods?

Yes, Green Earth Pest Control uses pesticide-free methods like heat remediation and rodent exclusion.

Q When was Green Earth Pest Control founded?

Green Earth Pest Control was founded in 1999 as a pest management services

Q Is the headquarters of Green Earth Pest Control located in Asia?

No, the headquarters of Green Earth Pest Control is located in New York, North America.

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Proficient, exhaustive, and amiable. They provided advice that I believe will be helpful in keeping mice at bay because of his extensive knowledge of mice.

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