Glory Foods

From farm to fork

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With a vision of providing authentic soul food in a can, Glory Foods is the leading retail brand of Southern-style vegetables in the country. Glory Foods is a category leader in Southern-style, heat-and-serve products, and our products are symbolic of the tradition of home-cooked taste our consumers have come to expect. Glory Food’s full line of products includes canned vegetables, beans and sides, and fresh-cut bagged vegetables.

Glory Foods products are available in grocery stores nationwide. Glory Foods products offer the taste, texture and slow-simmered process of foods prepared in the tradition of the South. In 1992, Glory Foods officially launched the convenient-to-use line of seasoned, Southern-style canned vegetables and side dishes. In 2001, Glory Foods established a Fresh Produce Division to market premium selections of washed and ready-to-cook, fresh-cut bagged vegetables. Today, Glory Foods products are household staples in homes throughout the United States, and Glory Foods seasoned canned greens are the number one selling canned greens in the country.

In 2006 Glory Foods introduced Sensibly Seasoned, a new line of heat-and-serve vegetables and side dishes that are lower sodium, low fat, and meatless. Sensibly Seasoned products boast all of the flavorful seasonings that consumers expect from Glory Foods while offering healthy benefits. It is the first Southern-style product line to bear the American Heart Association heart-check mark. The name “Glory Foods” was chosen to celebrate the excitement and joy of foods that offer warm, cherished memories of Southern cooking which exude the spirit, Good Taste for the Table, Good Taste for the Soul! The convenient-to-use line of bagged vegetables is flavorful and healthy and offers quick, nutritious meal solutions, versatility and a trusted brand name. Glory Foods will continue with its tradition of offering innovative and full-flavored products that appeal to the busy consumer’s lifestyle and meal-planning choices.Glory Foods was founded on a vision to make truly authentic pre-seasoned southern vegetables steeped in generations of southern-style recipes and flavors. Glory Foods was founded on a vision to make truly authentic pre-seasoned southern vegetables steeped in generations of southern-style recipes and flavors.

Initial Product Line

Glory Foods officially launched its line of 17 pre-seasoned canned vegetables to a “test market” in Columbus, OH. Several years later, they added Hot Sauce and Muffin Mix. Today, they have grown to 64 products nationwide.

Family Business

On December 27, 2001, Williams passed away following complications from a heart attack in Columbus, OH.

Bill Williams, Jr. immediately packed up his life in Boston and moved back to Columbus to join the family business. He is currently Director of Sales.

Sensibly Seasoned Launch

Glory Foods introduced a new line of heart-healthy, lower sodium, all-natural, canned vegetables named, Sensibly Seasoned. In 2017, this popular line of canned vegetables was renamed, Simply Seasoned.

Glory Foods Acquired

After co-packing on and off for Glory Foods for 20 years, McCall Farms acquired Glory Foods and moved the company’s headquarters to Effingham, SC.

See-Thru Can

Glory Foods launched a new line of beans in the first ever “see-thru” can, called Glory Farms. This new innovative can design and packaging won the 2017 Gama Innovation Packaging Award.