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Evry Jewels is a jewelry brand established by Brittany and Jake Sigal, who come from a family with more than four generations of jewelry experience. Most jewelry items that are representative of the store’s distinctive and contemporary style are available. Evry Jewels has gained popularity among Millennials and members of Gen-Z by developing a brand that places a high priority on mental health awareness and body positivity. 

The Evil Eye Necklace, Mini Huggies, Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet, chain necklaces, stacked rings, and hoops earrings are among of the company’s best-selling items. The company has also adopted virtual try-on technology to assist buyers in expecting their jewelry before making a purchase. Customers’ shopping experiences were improved by this cutting-edge feature, which raised sales and customer happiness. This dedication to social responsibility has helped the business succeed in attracting repeat business and increasing profitability.


Q Do Evry Jewels become green?

Does not rust or turn your finger green. excellent quality!

Q Who is the owner of Evry Jewels?

Brittany and Jake Siga, siblings, started the jewelry company Evry Jewels.

Q Are Evry Jewels sustainable?

Its utilization of recycled materials and ethical sourcing is consistent with the ideals of customers who cares about the environment.