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Experience the best services with Ecoshield Pest Solutions. We have been serving the best affordable eco-friendly pest control services since 2008. We have several locations all around the United States these are Arizona California Colorado Florida Georgia Hawaii Illinois Indiana and many more places. 

We are available for homes as well as businesses. Our experts use the most innovative pest management methods with eco-friendly products so that our products do not harm you and your loved ones. The best part of Ecoshield Pest Solution is we provide a free pest inspection at your convenience! We only use the highest quality products that are approved by the National Pest Management Association. 


Ecoshield Pest Solution has a wide range of services in pest control in your home also in business areas which are the following:

Residential services

Ecoshield offers the most effective and eco-friendly residential pest control plan in the sector of pest control. The home plan is protection from pests like ants, mice, roaches, sow bugs, and more, if the pests come back again we do the process again absolutely free, affordable price, with a 100% guarantee.

Bed bug shield

Ecoshield’s highly trained technicians will eliminate bed bugs from your home by using the latest bed bug technology rapid freeze. It will freeze the adult bugs, and eggs, that are present in your house. We offer a retreatment guarantee. If bugs come back between the regular treatments, we will come back and treat free.

Mosquito shield

Ecoshield protects your yard from mosquitoes, it offers an effective and affordable mosquito control solution to make your home’s outside area mosquito-free. The Ecoshield technician will come to your home every three weeks for an inspection. This is a one-time short treatment.

Termites shield

Ecoshield provides guaranteed satisfaction to customers. Termites are the pests which are not easy to eliminate. Termite can damage your house even if it is made of bricks. We set up the monitors around your house every 15 feet. We check the monitors every year.

Exclusion shield

To eliminate pests like rodents, mice, rats, squirrels, and more our technicians first inspect your home to identify the entry points. And set a strategy to eliminate them. Then seal the unwanted holes in the house.

Insulation shield

Cockroaches, silverfish, ants, termites, and a host of other crawling creatures are all eliminated by our insulation. Furthermore, it enhances your home’s thermal and acoustical qualities, lowering your energy costs and improving your family’s comfort level. 

Commercial service

We are capable of getting rid of several types of pests from your business property. We solve your issue covertly so you may carry on with your regular business operations. We provide reasonable prices. 

Stinging insects

In addition to eliminating active bee infestations, EcoShield provides a service that keeps bees from coming back. Our cost-effective and straightforward pricing eliminates the hassle of counting holes, unlike other pest treatment companies that base their fees on the quantity of carpenter bee holes, or galleries.

Carpenter bee

 To eliminate present bee infestations, EcoShield provides a service that keeps bees from coming back and creating new holes. Our technician will come to your property and treat the inside of the carpenter’s bee gallery.

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