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 Economics Laboratory is a company that is popularly known as Ecolab Inc. It is best known for providing water purification services. It is a public company that has been listed on the NYSE. The Company was founded by Merritt J. Osborn in 1923. The headquarters of the company is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota in the United States. The company specializes in providing water treatment services to industries like food, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing. The Business of the company has spanned over 40 companies.

It is operational in 170 countries at the moment. The areas of operation include locations like North America ( Minnesota), Latin America, Asia Pacific (Singapore), Greater China (Shanghai), Europe (in Zurich), the Middle East (in UAE ), and South Africa. The  Nalco Water, Nalco Co, Purolite, and Nalco Champion are the subsidiaries of  Ecolab. With a history of 100 years, the company has become a global leader in water and hygiene, infection prevention solutions, and providing water treatment services all over the world.


Since Ecolab is a premier organization. It has mostly worked in the water purification sector.

Ecolab has helped organizations treat their water in industries including food, healthcare, hospitality, and the manufacturing sector. Ecolab majorly develops and offers services, technology, and systems that specialize in the treatment, purification, cleaning, and hygiene of water in a wide range of applications. It has helped both private as well as public markets in treating their water for drinking use as well as for uses in food, healthcare, hospitality-related safety, and many industries. The main focus of Ecolab is to provide top-notch services while keeping safety, and sustainability in mind, along with good product quality and decent operational efficiency. Some of these services are listed in these Industries:

Hospitality Services

 Ecolab provides one of its services to the Hospitality Industry. Ecolab provides sustainable solutions to the cruise ship, casinos, and hotel industry.  It provides cost-effective solutions to hotels, casinos, and cruise ships. It provides cleansing and sanitizing facilities to these sectors. Ecolab makes sure to promote environmental safety protocols along with working with greater operational efficiency is one of its first priorities. Ecolab aims to achieve global efficiency.

 Building  &  Facilities  

 Ecolab believes in providing top-notch services to sectors like the food & beverage industry, and the hospitality Industry, The PaperPulp Industry, etc. It provides water treatment facilities in these sectors. It is responsible for cleansing the water reservoir tanks in these sectors. It uses advanced technologies & filters carbon pollutants for the purification of Fluids. It builds systems & facilities to cater to the needs of its customer base.

Chemical Processing

Ecolab provides services in the Chemical Processing Industry as well. It is responsible for removing contaminants and controlling acidic corrosion In this industry. Ecolab improves the cold flow properties in the chemical processing sector. Ecolab uses advanced recycling technology for the plastic recycling program to minimize environmental degradation to a greater extent in its approach which aligns with Ecolab’s approach.

 Mining & Mineral Processing 

 Ecolab provides its services to the Aluminium and Bauxite industry in the Mining & Mineral Processing Sectors. Ecolab uses advanced technology to treat its water reservoir source. It uses nuanced technology like 3D TRASAR™ technology to minimize & control the low-quality flow of water in this sector. Ecolab believes in providing high-quality services to its customer base.


Q What kind of services does Ecolab provide?

Ecolab provides water treatment services to food, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing industries.

Q Who is the Current CEO of the Ecolab?

Christophe Beck is the current CEO of EcoLab.

Q In which year Ecolab was founded?

Ecolab was founded in 1923. It has recently completed its 100-year anniversary.

Q Is the headquarters of Ecolab located in Asia?

No, the headquarters of Ecolab is not In Asia. Its headquarters is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.

Q Is Ecolab a product-based company?

No, Ecolab is a service-based company, not a product-based company.