Dr.Zuhair Abualrihy, MD


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Dr. Zuhair Abualrihy loves interacting with the patients. He wants to know the patient on the personal level. Dr. Abualrihy always tries to interact with the patient. He always tries to keep educating their patient updated about the health. He believes in disease prevention and engaging patients in their health and treatment plan. Outside the work the he enjoys quality time with his family. He is specialized He also enjoys photography, traveling, and eating Sushi.He is associated with the Sparrow Ionia Hospital and specialized in primary care practices. Dr. Zuhair Abualrihy have the over 19 years of experience in the medical field. He is specially work in the field of family medicine and geriatric medicine.


Q Is Dr. Zuhair Abualrihy, associated with any hospitals?

Dr. Zuhair Abualrihy is associate with sparrow Sparrow Ionia Hospital.

Q What is the field of practice of Dr. Zuhair Abualrihy?

Dr. Zuhair Abualrihy has the experience in the field of family medicine and geriatric medicine. He always provides to the patient the primary care services.