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Dodson Pest Control is a family-owned company that has been serving its customers since 1944 and is very dedicated to satisfying their customers. Dodson Pest Control would like to include you on the list of satisfied and happy customers. 

The company has built a reputation for offering amazing and reliable customer-focus services in the Pest control industry. Our expert technicians take time to understand your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Once the company completes the inspection of your house and property the experts will provide a detailed report about the issues and will tell you the option of the treatments. The reliable and top-notch services we provide are as follows: 

Termite Treatments-

Do not let termites spoil the beauty of your home and property. The experts at Dodson Pest Control provide you with the best solutions to keep away the termites from your home and businesses. The expert pest control inspector provides effective customized termite control plans based on the size of your property.  

Rodent Control-

The presence of Rodents in the house and your property carries serious and harmful diseases. Some of them are very dangerous to your life as well as your loved ones. Rodents are not only dangerous but they can also cause some financial damages as well. The experts from Dodson will provide you with the full set to keep away the Rodents from your property. 

Common Pest Treatments-

No matter which type of pest is on your property, different types of pest carry different diseases. You will need an expert partner to analyze your pest issues from all sides. At Dodson Pest Control the experts set up an integrated pest management system that provides you full safety and protection from the other common pests in the house.


Q What are the Dodson pest control services safe for pets?

Safety depends on the products of the provider of the pest control services, so it is very important to choose the right pest control provider.

Q When is Dodson pest control necessary?

Some pests carry different types of diseases that can be harmful to your health so pest control services every month are necessary to keep away harmful pests.

Q How Dodson pest control services work?

If the target pest is identified and the right product is applied effectively, there are high chance that you will get rid of the target pests.

Q Can Dodson pest control get rid of Ants?

Ants are very small but easy to find. When it comes to getting rid of the property, Pest control experts can easily do it.

Q Are Dodson pest control services worth it?

In many conditions, pest control is worth it. In this period pest control services are reliable for everyone.

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James 1 Reviews
Best Experience

Best experience with Dodson Pest Control, They did their job very well. My family and I, are very happy to take pest service with them.

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jonasemma49122 1 Reviews
I had an amazing experience with Dodson Pest Control.

It’s always great to receive quality service from Dodson Pest Control that they provide us. Every time I had a new issue or request, they were always very accommodating.

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