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As founded in 1929, Dewey Pest Control became the top leader and has specialized in protection against common pests including termites, ants, bedbugs, insects, and many others. We provide a professional service to satisfy our customer’s needs and provide a safe and healthy environment through our advanced technology.

We provide services including pest control, termite control, commercial pest service, and others. We have a team of experienced professionals who will help you create a comprehensive plan highlighting your pest control needs. We offer not only our services to businesses but also homes, schools, residential areas, offices, and restaurants. We don’t only focus on our top-quality services but also on developing a relationship with our customers, staff, and those who come in contact with us. We work in over 33 locations in California, USA to provide our best quality services.

To reduce your loss and get a pest-free environment, Call Dewey Pest Control for the best pest control services. Some of the services we have mentioned down below:

Services Dewey Pest control Offers:

We have mentioned the top services that will help you in making a decision.

Pest control

We are providing this service to make a balance between pest control, environment quality, and customer health. This integrated pest management service program is an effective approach to securing from pests. We offer this ecosystem-based strategy by focusing on the long-term prevention of pests.

Residential service

According to searches, pest attacks on homes are very common. Whether it is about the ants in the kitchen cockroaches over bathrooms or any bugs attacking your wooden furniture can ruin your environment. We provide the best-advanced services to get free from such issues.

Termite Control

To get rid of Termite attacks, we provide you with our specialized service. You can shoot Termidor foam into the cracks or voids, or any place where there is a place for termites to enter.


Q How much does Dewey pest control cost?

The cost of pest control services varies as it mainly depends on the damage that happens, the level of infestation, and according to the area or size of the property.

Q Is Dewey pest control legit?

Yes, it is a certified company that has about 94+ years of professionalism in the pest control field.

Q Which location does Dewey pest control cover?

Dewey pest control covers almost 33 cities in California including Manchester, Bakersfield, West Burbank Boulevard, East Mission Street, and others.

Q How can I contact customer care if needed?

You can simply dial (877)339-3973 to contact our corporate office whenever needed. Dewey Pest Control is there for you 24*7 to provide you hassle-free service.

Q Why should I choose Dewey pest control?

Well, there are several pet control companies you can contact. But Dewey Pest Control came up with the idea to help the customers not only with their services but also with the best products and technology they use.