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Custom eLearning keeps your learners engaged and involved throughout their training experiences by incorporating components like unique themes, gamification elements, captivating storylines, and innovative interactions. Elearning is the best solution for your learners to escape their mundane training routines and utilize creative problem-solving while learning job-related skills. Contact us today to talk to a Learning Solutions Specialist about your custom eLearning project.


At Designing Digitally, we aim to identify your employee training needs and opportunities through in-depth analysis consultation to approach organizational challenges, and design and develop custom learning solutions that align with your unique business goals and challenges. Designing Digitally becomes your partner behind the scenes to improve your organization by creating innovative online training solutions that fit your systems and needs.

Once we consult, design, and develop training solutions, we implement them into your system, supporting your team and solutions long after implementation, while leveraging analytics and performance metrics to help evolve your current and future Learning and Development strategies. Contact us to discuss how we can help solve your organization’s training challenges.

We create unique eLearning customized for your training objectives. We could incorporate gamified elements to focus your learners’ attention on the content or weave realistic stories throughout the course to pull learners into the training material. Every custom eLearning solution developed by Designing Digitally is created around your brand and your learners’ needs. By utilizing innovative instructional design and the latest technology advancements, our firm partners with large brands and federal government agencies to create cutting-edge training that engages employees and changes behaviors. Let us help you determine the best way to educate, engage, and entertain your learners by contacting us today.


HR professionals across all industries are aware of just how challenging and costly it can be to conduct employee training. From developing a training schedule that fits into everyone’s calendar to ensuring that the pacing of training is appropriate for each employee, conducting training can turn into one big headache. Designing Digitally can help you develop your entire ecosystem of training. Our team designs creative learning experiences that can span a short amount of time or can be delivered over a paced schedule to ensure longer exposure to information. If you need to make it engaging, we offer gamification and serious game strategies to create a web-based training experience that is fun and effective in achieving information retention. Contact us today to learn how we can help improve your web-based training modules.


We have a stellar instructional design team that will help prioritize and condense your content into ways that help the learners absorb it. They perform a thorough Training Needs Analysis to identify the appropriate learning objectives, project goals, and target audience in the first phase of the project, the Determine Phase. Then, they create comprehensive learning plans and interesting storyboards to ensure your training delivers all of your content without overwhelming the learner. Proper planning and design are the first steps in an outstanding project that educates, engages, and entertains your audience. To learn more about creating a custom eLearning course with Designing Digitally, contact one of our Learning Solutions Specialists today!