Coley Porter Bell

We believe in artistry – we take pleasure in craft, and pride in doing things well.

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We’re a worldwide branding corporation that helps our customers seize opportunities in moments of crucial exchange. From multi-countrywide agencies to family names, we harness the power of creativity & neuroscience to supply immersive manufacturers that get up, stand out and win in a changing international.

We’re Coley Porter Bell, a global branding organization primarily based in London and New York.
We’ve got some critical pedigree having been hooked up back in 1978 however, we’ve by no means stopped evolving our provide to satisfy the converting needs of customers and brands.

It’s a long-lasting reality that what customers and brands want first and primary is brilliant creativity, due to the fact that’s what drives emblem cost. So we come collectively each operating day to create terrific brands, packaging, studies, and communications. Extraordinary due to the fact they are intuitive, beautiful, and powerful. We work with manufacturers that are a part of our lives, brands that remember, and that compete by means of setting requirements, defining new thoughts, and converting how we stay.

We trust manufacturers that work on paper often fail inside the actual international. They make logical sense but fail to intuitively connect to humans. To deal with that we leverage neuroscience, combining machine 2 strategic rigor with design aptitude, and we build in intuitive System 1 wondering to unlock what’s first-rate approximately your emblem.
Seduce the Subconscious. Convince the Conscious.


• Brand Definition & Strategy
• Brand Identity Creation
• Naming
• 2D & 3-d Packaging
• Interiors & Environments
• Corporate Literature
• Marketing Materials
• Digital Templates
• Brand Guidelines / Style Guide
• Brand Guardianship

Coley Porter Bell is a complete-provider logo design consultancy. We have over 39 years of enjoy of making exceptional manufacturers, packaging, stories, and communications. Extraordinary due to the fact they are intuitive, lovely, and powerful. As a part of the Ogilvy Group, and in the flip of WPP, we are represented in over a hundred and twenty countries globally.