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ClearDefensePest is an environmentally friendly pest control company aiming to provide the best services to its customers but not at the cost of the environment. With a team of well-equipped and highly trained technicians, we are currently serving 20 locations across 12 states with the main aim of customer satisfaction. We use different methods and techniques depending on the needs of the situation. 

At ClearDefense Pest Control, the chemicals and products chosen for the treatment are child, pet, and environmentally friendly. The treatment we provide is chosen after proper inspection of the pestle’s condition, life cycle, habitats, and behavior. We do not believe in unnecessary weekly applications. Our team of professionals aims to provide treatment without much chemical exposure to you and your family.

Services Provided:

1. Pest Control:

Our pest control services are customized depending on the condition of pests in our customer’s house. We operate by first checking the condition of pests, then monitoring their birth rate, and then treating them without harming the environment.

2. MosquitoDefense:

ClearDefense Pest Control’s MosquitoDefense especially aims at the stagnant water bodies in your yard area. First, we remove this water to stop the breeding of mosquitoes and then cover the pits with soil mixed with pesticides to stop further breeding. We choose the pesticides in such a way that they do not affect the nutritional values of the soil.

3. Termite Control:

We provide the most effective hybrid solutions for Termite Control to prevent damage to your dream house. We start by using liquid treatments and a baiting system in the 1/32-inch wide cracks and crevices(most likely places for Termite colonies). ClearDefensePest also installs baiting systems in and around the house with system compounds that monitor the soil for termite movement. When any activity is detected, the system automatically releases a slow-acting chemical to control termites.


Q Does ClearDefensePest Control offer free estimates?

No, for the estimates you would have to fill out the Contact Us form which is available on the official website. As soon as the form is filled, the company will contact you within 24 hours.

Q . What are the ClearDefensePest Control’s areas of services?

ClearDefensePest provides services in Knoxville, Cincinnati, Durham, Kansas City, Baton Rouge, Fairfax, Chattanooga, Greensboro, Richmond, Charlotte, Greer, Rock Hill, Austin, Raleigh, Columbia, Nashville, Greenville, Winston-Salem, Chantilly, Little Rock, Huntsville, Augusta, Hendersonville, and Jacksonville.

Q What services does ClearDefensePest Control offer?

ClearDefensePest Control offers Pest Control, MosquitoDefense, and Termite Contro. We do not offer and mix flea treatment with Pest Control.

Q Does ClearDefensePest Control hires too?

Yes, ClearDefensePest Control hires people based on the needs of the business. Some of the positions opened for the month of October-November 2023 are MIT Position, Summer Sales Representative, Service Specialist, and Office Specialist.

Q Does ClearDefensePest offer eco-friendly accreditations?

Yes, ClearDefensePest uses all the chemicals and pesticides that are not only eco-friendly but in the budget too.