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community of peers, mentors and coaches that will help you land a dream career. You never pay a dime. The only cost is to help people behind you.

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Every month, more than 1 million people visit the Career Karma blog seeking advice and information on careers, job training programs, and higher education. Since launching the publication in early 2018, the Career Karma team has been dedicated to producing valuable content to assist job-seekers as they reskill, study, and progress through their new careers.

In addition to career advice, coding tutorials, and learning resources, the Career Karma publication team has produced numerous research reports and comprehensive guides on everything from education financing to market reports.

The publication is a complement to the other services Career Karma offers, including our mobile app and online community, free career coaching, a directory of training programs, boot camp matching, and laptop donation programs.

All of this and more is free to you, and it always will be. We simply ask that you commit to helping someone else when the time comes. Good karma.

In 2020, Career Karma raised a $10 million Series A investment round to further expand our efforts to help 1 billion people make their most important career decisions. The Series A and the prior seed round were led by Initialized Capital, SoftBank, Kapor Capital, Backstage Capital, Emerson Collective, and Imaginable Futures.

The Career Karma content team has grown tremendously over the past two years. What was once a few freelance writers and copy editors have become a large dedicated team of writers, researchers, editors, and subject matter experts.

The content creators at Career Karma come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Yet, we all share a commitment to helping people reach their potential by offering consistent, thoughtful, and reliable resources to those seeking to better themselves.