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With the sole aim of keeping our customers happy and bug-free, BulwarkPestControl has been providing services since 1999. Since then, our main goal has been our customer’s protection and satisfaction. We mainly provide pest, mosquito, and termite control through products that are even less harmful than your toothpaste. All the products used have gone through several rounds of academic research to keep your home and family safe. 

BulwarkPestControl is known for the precision of work. If you find any pests alive after our treatment, then we will be providing the next service for free, no questions asked.

Services Provided: 

Rodent Control: Here at BulwarkPestControle, we provide comprehensive rodent control that will not only eliminate the current rodent population but will also prevent further chances of rodent development in the near future. To achieve this, we specifically pay attention to removing the food, water, and nutritional sources of rodents. Along with that we also provide environmental sanitation, rodent-proofing, and trapping.  

Scorpion Wall: It is a unique solution to all your Scorpion Problems. In this method, first, we eliminate the Scorpios inside your house. This is done with the help of safe chemicals that will not harm your family’s health. After that, we apply our own original formula of chemical paste to seal all the cracks in your house’s walls that will act as a barrier between the house interior and Scorpios. Though applied as paint, the paste gets hard as glass which makes it impossible for the scorpios to climb up the wall.  

Rodent Control: There is no secret to how rodents can be harmful to your house as well as to your family’s health. While using a broom for rodent control may seem pocket-friendly but it is neither effective nor a long-term solution. Here at BulwarkPestControl, we will provide you with a professional team of specialists who specialize in rodent management and provide a long-term solution using effective tools.

Key features of BulwarkPestControl:

  • Rodent Control using Non-Toxic Treatments
  • Licensed and Trained Technicians for Pest Control
  • Use of Safe Products backed by proper research


Q 1. How long does Scorpion Wall last?

We provide Scrorpoin Wall with a guarantee of 2 years. After 2 years, it is completely up to you to continue the service. If you want to continue, then we will apply a coat of chemicals on the way after every 3 months.

Q Are the products used by BulwarkPestControl safe for my family and pets?

Yes, the products we use are completely safe and harmless. And we do not say it lightly. All the products used by us are made from chrysanthemum flowers that are harmless to humans and pets but work effectively on pests.

Q Does BulwarkPest Control provide any guarantee?

Yes, BulwarkPest Control provides a 100% bug-free re-treat guarantee which means that we will be visiting your house after the initial treatment to make sure that there are no bugs left after the treatment.

Q How many sessions does BulwarkPestControl provide in the entire Mosquito control treatment?

That depends completely on the situation around you and your localities. If our professionals find your environment suitable for mosquito breading then the sessions will be more than a few.

Q What kind of contract do I have to sign with BulwarkPestControl?

Before starting the treatment, BulwarkPestControl makes you sign a contract enabling us to legally enter your property for the treatment. This contact does not hold any value in other significant areas of your life. We in all circumstances value your privacy.