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Bright Money is an AI-enabled personal finance platform, launched by a team in 2019.  Its headquarters are in Banglore, India, and San Francisco, USA. The liabilities associated with a consumer’s personal loans and credit cards are the main focus of Bright Money. The majority of the company’s core product, tech, data, marketing, and service teams are situated in India. 

Currently, the startup has a strong team of more than 180 employees. All the technologies required to manage and eliminate debt, are combined in one smartphone app. They give users an AI-driven financial planning path to debt freedom. Every product they create has data science at its core. Along with serving as a data-driven financial management assistant, Bright Money’s sophisticated tools assist in the creation of customized payment plans.

Bright finds the best method to manage your finances. The company provides financial planning, budgeting tools, automatic debt paydown plans, credit score improvement, refinance loans, and other services. You will have more control, worry less about your money, and have more money as a result.                   


Q Has Bright Money set a credit limit for you?

If it appears that your credit score is poor, Bright Builder provides a quick and safe increase. Your credit cards will be paid off using a limited line of credit that we will establish and use, transferring money when it makes sense for you.

Q Is Bright Money a business that sells products?

To help people become debt-free, Bright is a team of Product Builders, Data Scientists, Engineers, Service Professionals, and Digital Growth Experts that develops the greatest AI technology in the world.

Q How to reach with Bright Money?

You can contact them at +1 877-274-6494 and email by