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Breda Pest Management offers you the best pest control services in Georgia. The Breda pest management was established in 1975 by Rodger Breda. He started this company in the garage with just one employee and customer. Now Breda Pest Management has grown into one of the largest and finest termite and pest control companies in Georgia, with 140 employees and continuously joining more employees. Our experts are constantly working to make the services effective and productive. We take our pest control service very seriously and are committed to giving our customers the same treatment we would expect our families to receive.  

Breda Pest Management focuses on supporting High school athletics It is an official sponsor of Georgia High School football. BREDA is the main sponsor of SUVTV Basketball streaming and presenting sponsor of the GHSA State Basketball Championship games. BREDA helps student-athletes gain athletic scholarships by contributing to High school athletic programs. It is truly an honor for us to reach out to every home with the best quality services at affordable prices, both inside and outside the home. 


Come to services we provide a wide range of pest control services on both sides of your house which include:

1. Termites

At BREDA, we are always available to protect your home with our best product Termidor. This product creates a barrier surrounding your property, with complete protection against termites. Termidor offers complete protection if termites already invaded your home and after the elimination of termites. For the search for the exact location and the inspection of the termites, our team uses advanced infrared technology. 

 2. Wildlife

When the temperature changes it may be possible for other outsider pests to invade your home like grey squirrels bats flying squirrels rats and mice. It can be challenging to eliminate these pests, BREDA pest management is committed to securing all entry points in the home by trapping and removing wildlife pests. The best part of BREDA wildlife service is our guarantee, if any creature returns we will trap them and set the seal on the new entry point with no extra cost.

3. Pest control

BREDA Pest Management’s efficient staff will use cutting-edge technology to identify any pests that may be invading your property and will make your home a pest-free state. 

We provide services indoors and outdoors with every appointment and educate you about maintaining a pest-free home.

4. Mosquito

BREDA Pets Management has the skills and experience to prevent the future generation of mosquitoes in your yard. We have expertise in eliminating mosquitoes from your yard. To stop the growth of mosquitoes Growth Regulators are used in areas where water is present. IGR treatments prevent undeveloped mosquitoes, they make your yard mosquitoes free. In addition to this BREDA comes back at no charge if you again experience problems in your yard. 

5. Encapsulation

The purpose of enclosing a crawl area is to lower humidity, and therefore, wetness. Since our HVAC systems are frequently located in our underground spaces, we are just dispersing dirty air throughout our home whenever we turn them on. This wastes energy while giving bugs and other animals a vital element for survival. For anything that manages to get in, we also provide pest management services in addition to crawl space encapsulation.


Q What services does BREDA Pest Management offer?

BREDA Pest Management services are termite, wildlife, pest control, mosquito, and encapsulation.

Q Does BREDA Pest Management cost any charge for inspection?

BREDA Pest Management does not charge for inspection, it's free of cost.

Q Does BREDA Pest Management accept online payment?

Yes, BREDA Pest Management accepts online payment.

Q What makes BREDA Pest Management unique?

We are the only termite and pest management business to conduct all termite and wildlife inspections utilizing infrared cameras.