Blue Flame Thinking

We are blue flame thinking.

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Tailored Solutions to the Toughest Marketing Challenges

Based in the Midwest with locations in Grand Rapids, MI, and Chicago, IL, we partner with local, national, and global organizations in the B2B2C space to help answer their unique marketing needs. Using an integrated approach, we work to understand our client’s challenges and then develop strategies that are measurable and repeatable for continued success.

Capabilities and Expertise

Our marketing expertise spans a mix of old and new, with decades of experience across a variety of industries. We apply the latest thinking, tools, and technology to whatever we’re producing, from traditional marketing strategies and creative campaigns to website development, SEO, and social media marketing.

A Proven Process

We rely on data to shape our sustainable and deliberate process and move it forward. And, we don’t just “set it and forget it.” As we collect more targeted data, we’re able to refine our approach…and pivot, if necessary.

55 Years and Counting

Since our founding in 1965, we’ve had the honor of working through thousands of complex marketing challenges with more than 480 (so far!) client partners. Through both the best and toughest of times, we’ve felt privileged to shine a spotlight on the important initiatives we’ve been asked to be a part of.

People Come First

Whether it’s our internal teams or the clients we get to work with, partnering with the right people makes all the difference. At Blue Flame Thinking, our core values put people at the center. That’s why our team members consistently strive to be open, honest, and respectful toward each other, our partners, and the world at large.

Find Your Better

It’s more than just a tagline for us. It’s the reason some of our client relationships exceed 20 years and we have employees who have stayed with us for over 40. It’s built into our DNA and baked into our culture.