Big Nerd Ranch

We teach, design & build digital products.

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In 2001 we started out with not more than the hat on our head and a humble goal in our heart—teach the best damn programming class the world has ever seen.

Since then we’ve taught thousands of students a multitude of programming languages, built world-class apps, and are still working to be the best we can possibly be.

Life on the Ranch is a little bit different. We’ve got cowboy hats and VR rigs side by side. We love to teach and are always learning. And, we can’t help but bring your best ideas to their best life.

The BNR Difference

Our values didn’t spring fully formed from a corporate retreat worksheet. They were built upon organically over the years, and only written down once we realized we were already living them day in and day out.

Brilliant & Curious

We ask all the questions we can think of and come up with some amazingly innovative answers. We know that continuous improvement and adaptation make us partners for our clients.

Hard Working & Accountable

There’s a nose to the grindstone and then there are our Nerds. Not only do we put our all into every project and course, but we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Kind & Authentic

It’s simple. We like being around good people and showing them compassion, empathy, and respect. This is as true for our clients as our coworkers.

Big Nerd Ranch is a digital product development firm that exists to build brilliance.

Big Nerd Ranch specializes in client app development and expert instruction from the brightest developers and designers in the industry. When you need an iOS, Android, or desktop app to solve a problem, grow your business, or engage your employees, partnering with us is a no-brainer. We provide end-to-end mobile solutions for a range of app development projects, including iOS, Android, full-stack web, and design.

Our developers and designers are also instructors, teaching immersive boot camps that have improved the careers of thousands of developers. Big Nerd Ranch teaches retreat-style boot camps in Georgia and California, as well as corporate courses held at client sites around the world. In addition, we write best-selling books that guide the mobile industry, setting the standard for mobile development and helping developers stay up to speed on the latest and greatest across a range of platforms.