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Beach bed bug exterminator certified by the New York Pest Management Association as a bed bug specialist in 2013 and continuously maintains the position. We are providing bed bug control services throughout New York and in Brooklyn. We have treated homes in thousands successfully for bed bugs. We use eco-friendly products, and we offer canine inspections. You will get warranties of up to one year depending on the service you choose. We have multiple remediation options like heat-freezing steam green solution and residual products. Our services are vast and cover almost all types of pest control,  our service types are:-

Bed bug detection dogs

We can assess whether or not your house is still infested with bedbugs with the help of our dogs. We’ll act to eradicate bedbugs as soon as our dogs find them, if at all possible. Working for our organization comes with a ton of benefits.

Residential Pest Control

We will assist you in setting up an appointment and dispatch an exterminator to your property as soon as you call. The expert will assess the situation and gather further information during the first visit. What kind of pests you have, how they got in, and what we can do are all things we need to know. We’ll analyze which solutions will be most effective for you.

Commercial Pest Control

Beach bed bug exterminator NYC also provides pest control services for commercial places. To ensure that you get excellent, long-lasting results, our commercial pest experts take exacting measures. With our services, you will find your property place bug-free with satisfaction.


Bugs like Ants, Fleas, Stinging Insects, Bed Bugs, Ladybugs, Stinkbugs, Beetles, Mice Rats Rodents, Termites, Box Elder bugs, Mosquitos, Residential Pest Control, Carpenter Ants, Occasional Invaders, Carpenter Bees, Overwintering Pests, Pantry Pests, Earwigs, Spiders and cockroaches are included in our services. We control these pests with eco-friendly techniques.


Q How is Beach Bed Bug Exterminator NYC overall rated?

Beach Bed Bug Exterminator NYC is currently rated 5 overall out of 5.

Q What days is Beach Bed Bug Exterminator NYC open?

It is open Monday to Saturday 24/7, and on Sunday 8:00A.M to 2:30 P.M.

Q Does Beach Bed Bug Exterminator NYC offer eco-friendly accreditations?

Yes, it does offer eco-friendly accreditations.

Q Are warranties offered by Beach Bed Bug Exterminator NYC?

It offers warranties of up to one year depending on the services you choose.

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I am really happy with their expert assistance, and I heartily suggest him to anyone with a similar issue.

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