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Axiom Eco pest control provides the best pest control services in the U.S.A States. We use only family and eco-friendly safe, plant-based chemicals, Axiom Eco-Pest Control creates customized pest treatment programs for each customer’s residence or place of business. It has Founded in 2008, Axiom Eco Pest Control is headquartered in Oregon. 

It has been awarded the best pest control service in Portland in 2023. In addition, it has achieved many awards and titles like Super Service Awards, Fastest Growing Companies in America, and Torch Award for ethics. 

Our services include general pest protection, flea treatment, rodent elimination, cockroach treatment, mosquito treatment, and mole treatment. 

Our experts are constantly working to make the services effective and productive. We take our pest control service very seriously and are committed to giving our customers the same treatment we would expect our families to receive. We guarantee to control the toughest pest problems. 


Axiom Eco-friendly pest control offers a variety of services, treatments, and products not only inside the house but also outside. We are not limited to just houses but we are also in commercial pest control, doesn’t matter in which industry you are in. Axioma has a safe and eco-friendly solution for you. 

General pest program

It is a year-round protection against ants, rodents, spiders, and more insects. Axiom general pests program gives you year-round protection from all invaders which can be insects, ants cockroaches spiders, rodents etc. Axiom can identify the pests easily and the best method to remove them. 

Flea treatment

The Axiom Eco-Pest Control flea treatment eliminates fleas from your property. We focus on both the adult fleas and as well as eggs of fleas. First, we do a detailed inspection of your house then treat it inside and outside with three effective pet-friendly products. After the treatment, we visit to ensure you are flea-free after our treatment.

Rodent elimination

We start with an inspection to identify entry and exit areas and identify any breaches or gaps that can be filled to stop an infestation. Our treatment plan can include both indoor and outdoor treatments, trapping, baiting, or other devices that are family and pet-friendly.


In order to rid your lawn and garden of moles, the Axiom Eco-Pest Control mole treatment plan focuses on treating moles where they dwell and removing their food sources. We offer a 4-week program to eradicate moles that burrow under your house.

Mosquito treatment

By concentrating on regions where mosquitoes are most likely to reproduce and grow, the Axiom Eco-Pest Control treatment plan helps to minimize mosquitoes on your property. After doing an entire inspection, we treat using solutions that stay effective all season long—even during the rainy season.


Cockroach treatment

The full-service cockroach treatment offered by Axiom Eco-Pest Control involves flushing the home or place of business, installing monitoring stations, and baiting the area if needed. You have to leave the place with your family and pets for 4 hours after service.


Q Does Axiom eco-pest Control offer eco-friendly accreditations?

Yes, Axiom Eco-Pest Control offers eco-friendly accreditations.

Q What services does Axiom eco-pest offers?

Basically, Axiom eco pest control offers all pests-related services, but mainly general pest programs, flea treatment, rodent elimination, mole, mosquito treatment, and cockroach treatment.

Q Where is Axiom Eco Pest Control headquarters located?

Axiom Eco Pest Control headquarters are located at 4252 SE International Way Milwaukie, Oregon, OR 97222, United States.

Q What are the Popular Careers with Axiom Eco-Pest Control Job Seekers

Customer Relations Career Manager Career Service Technician Career.

Q Does Axiom eco pest control only provide services for residential areas?

It provides services for residential as well as commercial areas.