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Arrow Pest Control - Local New Jersey Pest Control Experts Since 1973

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Arrow Pest Control is celebrating 50 years of defending residences and businesses in New Jersey. This business was started with an international pick-up truck and a home office. They are highly qualified and seasoned pest control professionals, having worked with the newest methods and supplies for many years. Homeowners will have to deal with a lot of bugs and pests, but Arrow Pest Control offers a wide range of treatment options to assist in making your house and workplace more comfortable and livable overall. They offer the following services that protect you from pests and bugs:

Home Pest Control:

With their home pest control program, homeowners can choose the level of treatment based on how much money they want to invest. Home Protection, Home Protection Plus, Arrow Premier, and Arrow One are some of their available packages. They give you high-quality pest protection, whether you choose a standard or a premium package.

Mosquito & Tick Control:

The Mosquito & Tick Control includes five months of treatments, which start from May through September. One of Arrow’s licensed pest control professionals will create a monthly misting treatment for your backyard, encompassing fence lines, transitional areas, overgrown areas, decorative plants, tree leaves, shrubs, tree canopies, and other areas of concern. For more protection for your family and pets, they will release a powdered treatment in April and again in October.

Termite Control:

They will first provide you with a termite preparation checklist and plan the day of your termite control treatment. Following that, Termidor (Defence Product) will be applied to your property. It will be sprayed on your exterior edges and flooring. Termidor will kill termites as soon as they come into contact with it! They will come back 90 days following your termite treatment to confirm that the procedure was successful and the termites have died.


Q Why should we hire a pest control professional?

Professionals in pest control possess the equipment, know-how, and expertise needed to recognize and get rid of ants, spiders, mice, crickets, roaches, and other insects.

Q Why pest control services are important?

Pest management protects against dangerous insects that can result in expensive property damage and public health problems.

Q How can I get in touch with Arrow Pest Control?

You can contact them at (732) 844-8640.

Q What locations do they offer services?

They offer services in New Jersey including Bergen, Essex, Mercer, Ocean, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Somerset, Hudson, and Union counties.