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Anthem Pest Control is a company that mainly provides pest management services in the United States. The company has a knack for providing top-notch services in the Industry. The provides residential and commercial services in these 3 states only. Currently, the company is operating in these 3 states: Georgia, Texas, and South Carolina. The services of the company include Pest Control, Rodent Control, Mosquito Control, and Termite Control. The company is known for using safe chemical-free ingredients in its products and materials. The pesticides that are used to spray on homes release zero to low carbon content in the atmosphere. Hence, these pesticides create fewer pollutants in the air. The company has a good track record of keeping its customers happy and satisfied and leaves no room for complaints from its customer base.


 Anthem Pest Control offers services which include free quotes before the start of services, interior treatment ( internal inspection where sinks are checked & treated), external treatment, and VIP quarterly, bimonthly follow-up treatment. The company also offers retreatment services for its customers. Some of the services provided by the company are.

Pest Control 

Anthem Pest Control provides a follow-up treatment after the first service. The company believes in internal inspection where sinks of the kitchen & bathroom are checked for pest Infestation along with external inspection & treatment. Since Pest Infestation can cause great harm to the residents and property. So, the company believes in 100% removal & cleanup.

Mosquito Control 

Anthem Pest Control lists Mosquito Control as one of its services. They are usually found in standing water of lawns and gardens where the water is collected. Since mosquitoes are known for causing several deadly diseases. So, controlling & minimizing the population becomes an important task. Anthem Pest Control uses advanced tools and technology to control the budding population of mosquitoes.

 Rodent Control 

 Anthem Pest Control lists Rodent Control as one of its services. Identifying the location of rodents in lawns and gardens and blocking their entry and exit can be done by a thorough inspection. Enclosing the hole of the house from which the rodents enter and exit needs to be done as a precaution. We do it indoors as well as outdoors. Anthem Pest Control believes gives 100 % guaranteed in total cleanup and rodent control.

 Termite Control 

Anthem Pest Control focuses on providing an optimum solution to minimize the population of termites. Anthem Pest control is always available to protect your properties from termites our experienced experts satisfy the customers with their excellent work. We protect your properties by creating a barrier surrounding your property with complete protection against termites.


Q What days does Anthem Pest Control open Up?

The opening hours include days from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Saturdays & Sundays are off days.

Q Does Anthem Pest Control have a free re-arrangement program?

Yes, Anthem Pest Control has a free unlimited rearrangement program for its customers.

Q Does Anthem Pest Control provide life lifetime guarantee?

Yes, Anthem Pest Control Provides a lifetime guarantee feature.

Q Does Anthem Pest Control provide Free estimates?

Yes, Anthem Pest Control provides Free estimates.

Q Are Anthem Pest Control Pesticides Safe for Kids and Environment?

Yes, Anthem Pest Control Pesticides are safe for kids and the environment.

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daisyzender100 1 Reviews
Great Service and Trustable

Great Service I am feeling very happy for my decision of taking pest control service from Anthem Pest Control. Before taking pest control, cockroaches will grown in my kitchen and I feel very frightened and tensed because they also cause diseases like food poisoning but after taking service from Anthem pest control I am feeling tension free. Thankyou for you on time service.

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