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At American Dental Companies we believe that the private practice culture provides the best patient care outcomes.

Our affiliated dental practices are owned by doctors and led by doctors delivering excellence in our patient care, team care, and business care.

Most of us entered dentistry so one day we could be a dentist but also, just as important, we wanted to own our own practice and provide patient care through our private practice setting.

We also know that the needs of our 21st-century patients, dental team, and business operations are much more complex and demanding than it was when the single practice model was established over 200 years ago, putting much stress and strain on owner dentist’s professional and personal success and quality of life.

Giving up the practice ownership dream so that we could be just a “dentist” is not what most of us set out to do and is not the only solution to serving the needs of our patients, dental team, and business operations.

Partnering with us provides both the own rewards and the vital support needed to effectively serve our patients, teams, and business operations.

What we can do?

We strive to improve the lives of our patients and dental teams by providing unparalleled support services. Our doctor network is always just a phone call or e-mail away for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing or review of a particular clinical case. We all share in our camaraderie and celebrate our successes through company-sponsored trips for doctors and spouses to local, national, and international destinations.

Insurance Verification

Dental insurance is becoming more important and complicated as the years go by, and for many practices, handling claims and billing is a huge drain on time while offering very little value. ADC can help you maximize the potential of your accepted plans, enable you to take more policies if you want, and process claims much more efficiently so you and your staff can put more energy into patient care.

What You Can Expect
  • Insurance verifications
  • Account Receivable processing and collection
  • Claim appeals and processing
  • Dental insurance credentialing
Human Resources

In order to thrive, every practice needs a skilled, dedicated, and consistent team. With ADC, we can not only help you find great people, but improve your current staff as well so your team members are more capable, provide more value for you and your patients, and enjoy more job satisfaction at the same time. Wherever your team is right now, we can help you get the support they need to deliver truly excellent care and service.

What You Can Expect
  • Clinical and non-clinical hiring
  • Onboarding new hires
  • Training
  • Benefits and Human Resource services and support
Patient Communication

Ongoing communication with existing patients is the lifeblood of every dental practice, and we can assist you in all aspects so that your schedule is always full next week, next month, and 6 months from now. We can provide assistance with scheduling, train your team members so they feel comfortable on the phone, and establish systems so that it’s easy for your patients to maintain ongoing care as the years go by.

What You Can Expect
  • Scheduling services
  • Continued Care recall systems
  • Continued Care and Treatment tracking and scheduling

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Adams Oliver 1 Reviews
Good experience with American Dental

It was really a nice experience with American Dental, They have a welcoming atmosphere. Its to great to take appointment with them.

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