American Civil Liberties Union


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The ACLU works tirelessly in courts, legislatures, and communities to defend and preserve the Constitution’s promise of liberty for everyone in our country. 

Erase voting rights, trans rights, and abortion rights for thousands and thousands of people are escalating throughout the united states. We’re responding on all fronts — from courts to legislatures in all 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico — but we want your assistance to win.

The ACLU dares to create a greater ideal union — past one person, celebration, or aspect. Our project is to understand this promise of the American Constitution for all and amplify the attainment of its guarantees.

Since the kingdom’s founding, the cloth of American society has been woven with deeply racist rules, practices, and attitudes that damage Black and Indigenous humans of coloration. These rules have brought about an unequal gadget in which white humans have each implicit and expressed benefits because of the color of their pores and skin, main to better opportunities in jobs, schooling, and housing.

Systemic Equality is a racial justice timetable that seeks to deal with America’s legacy of racism and systemic discrimination thru administrative and legislative campaigns focused on the Biden-Harris management and Congress, advocacy efforts, criminal techniques to strike down laws and practices that exclude and harm, and an enormous investment and committed assets in the South.